Head Lice are worse than Vampires when it comes to sucking blood

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Halloween approaches, the team at Hair Fairies –The Head Lice Helpers encourages families to consider their professional services to tackle the inevitable head lice surge during this spooky season. With the festivities bringing children in close contact during costume fittings, swaps, and shared wigs, the risk of head lice transmission amplifies significantly. Hair Fairies stands ready to provide a reliable solution, ensuring a lice-free Halloween experience for all.

Hair Fairies has garnered widespread acclaim for its personalized treatments, earning the trust of families year after year. Their skilled specialists, available both at their salons and for at-home visits, swiftly and effectively manage a task that often leaves busy and concerned parents apprehensive.

CEO of Hair Fairies, Maria Jaworski, known for her appearances on Dr.Oz, emphasized the unique challenges posed during the Halloween season. “Children are exceptionally active and interconnected during this time, making them more vulnerable to the spread of head lice,” she noted. “Our expert team is equipped to tackle this issue head-on, providing peace of mind to families amidst the Halloween hustle.”

The heightened period of infestations coincides with the return of children to school, further exacerbating the prevalence of head lice. Understanding the resistance of these parasites to various treatments, Hair Fairies has developed high-quality products and methods, assuring parents a comprehensive solution and alleviating their concerns.

“Conducting a thorough head lice screening before Halloween is highly recommended, followed by vigilant monitoring throughout the season,” Maria suggested. “Our data consistently points to this time as a peak period for head lice transmission, and proactive measures can make all the difference.”

Hair Fairies understands the diverse needs of families, offering the convenience of at-home treatments for those with time constraints or privacy preferences. Their specialists employ a meticulous approach, addressing each strand to ensure the complete eradication of nits and bugs, providing a guaranteed solution.

Additionally, it’s essential to dispel common misconceptions about head lice. FACT: They neither jump nor fly, nor do they spread via inanimate objects. Direct head-to-head contact remains the primary mode of transmission.

Hair Fairies operates salons in Los Angeles, San Francisco, North Carolina, and will soon expand to San Diego. Their expert staff, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and natural products, are dedicated to creating a lice-free environment for all.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Maria Jaworski, CEO/Founder

Hair Fairies 

Phone: (323) 459 4949

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hairfairies.com

SOURCE Hair Fairies, Inc.

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