Diabetes Medication in Short Supply From Social Media Promotion, Now Available From Canada Drugs Direct

Hashtag Added to Ozempic Medication for TikTok Viewers Pushing Ongoing Shortage

Canada Drugs

Canada Drugs

VICTORIA, British Columbia - January 11, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

The power of social media for marketing products to viewers who make purchasing decisions based on their interaction with apps is considerable. Market research across different consumer markets supports this, and it very much applies to any pharmaceutical medication with inherent value as it relates to a person's appearance. There is a desire for quick-fix weight loss products, and Ozempic shortages for Type 2 diabetes treatment medication are in part because of TikTok. This prescription medication may be increasingly hard to find, but it is more readily available from Canada and Canada Drugs Direct.

The hashtags #Ozempic and #Ozempicchallenge are among those that have led to more than 450 million views on TikTok. The manufacturer of Ozempic - Novo Nordisk - has been firm in their insistence that Ozempic is not to be taken for weight loss aims and that any off-label uses for the medication are not approved and shouldn't be promoted in any way. 

Ozempic is a blood sugar control medication that promotes lower A1C hemoglobin test scores, and doctors will prescribe it for Type 2 diabetics who aren't getting their scores down to 7% of below with their current diabetes injection. Ozempic also has the advantage of only needing to be injected once per month, but it is true that many people have received prescriptions for Ozempic and filled them with the aim of losing weight. The medication has been promoted that way on social media by Tik Tok users and others. 

The demand is also fueled by other sources, but demand for Ozempic is now outstripping supplies all over the world. Many users will need better A1C scores and like the added appeals of Ozempic compared to other similar medications. Ozempic curbs appetite by slowing the movement of food through the stomach so users feel full more often and eat less overall. 

Prescriptions written for Ozempic will be filled by pharmacies if the medication is in stock, but Ozempic is expensive and will continue to be. It may become even more expensive if the demand for it continues long term, but Americans can order Ozempic from Canada Drugs Direct and get the best price on Ozempic 2.0mg. 

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