ChemDiv Presented Non-Clinical Summary Data for The Best-in-Class Selective FLT3 Clinical Candidate at the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition with Its Partners and Sponsors

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ChemDiv Inc., dedicated to partnering in discovery and development of breakthrough therapies based on its unique chem-bio platforms, announces the presentation of non-clinical summary data for the best-in-class selective FLT3 clinical candidate at the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, CA. “Therapeutic Targeting of FLT3 gatekeeper mutation with E2082-0047 in traditional and a novel Immunocompetent murine adoptive transfer model of AML” was presented by collaborators from University of Cincinnati, Ohio, Molsoft LLC and Expert Systems Inc of San Diego, California, and Eilean Therapeutics LLC from Dover, Delaware. The presentation highlighted best-in-class potency and selectivity against gatekeeper resistant FLT-mutant AML and compelling survival benefit superior to gilteritinib in a fully immunocompetent Nmp1CAFLT3ITD-F692L AML adoptive transfer model, supporting the clinical candidate’s ongoing clinical development.

In collaboration with rational design groups of Molsoft and Expert Systems, John Byrd’s lab at University of Cincinnati, ChemDiv deployed a muti-targeting/multi-property optimization approach to achieve a 400-1000x selectivity of the resulting clinical candidate, which translated in best-in-class efficacy, safety, tolerability and developable pharmacology advantages delivered to partners at Eilean Therapeutics LLC.

About ChemDiv Inc.

ChemDiv is dedicated to partnering in discovery and development of breakthrough therapies based on its unique chem-bio platforms: molecular glues, stabilizers and degraders; covalent and non-covalent binders; bifunctional molecules for synergistic effect and synthetic lethality. Over the past 32 years ChemDiv has successfully completed hundreds of lead, candidate and new drug programs to treat cancer, neurological, infectious, cardiometabolic and immune diseases with pharma, biotech and academic partners around the globe. Learn more at

About Expert Systems

Expert Systems is a global target to clinic accelerator. It deploys a comprehensive hybrid AI/ML based platform, covering all aspects of preclinical drug discovery and early development, from target identification and virtual screening, to non-clinical and clinical pharmacology, including chemical liability assessment and toxicology. Expert Systems uses proprietary and public databases and software tools to evaluate the intellectual property landscape and provide competitive intelligence to de-risk candidate selection for fast transition from in silico to first-time-in-man. Expert Systems sets up seed & series A companies, organizes and manages R&D programs for financial investors and strategic partners in North America, Europe and Australia. Learn more at

About Eilean Therapeutics

Eilean Therapeutics is a small molecule oncology company that is committed to defeating cancer and improving lives of cancer patients. Eilean develops differentiated best-in-class molecules that target fundamental biological pathways with resistant mutations and escape mechanisms in hematologic malignancies. Learn more at

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