Athletic Training Solutions Selects AMP to Further Automate Nationally Recognized Health & Safety Service Offerings

Optimizing Proactive, Preventative, and Data-Driven Care for Corporate Athletes

Athletic Training Solutions, a leading provider of onsite health and wellness programs for Industrial Athletes, has chosen AMP as its technology partner to modernize and scale its existing offerings. 

AMP will be deployed by Athletic Training Solutions in their core focus areas, the treatment and management of work-related injury and illness, and the promotion of employee health and well-being. The platform will streamline internal documentation, disseminate health and wellness content to physical laborers, and furnish pertinent cost containment data to their clients. 

"In today's economic climate, and when servicing International Fortune 500 companies, emailing spreadsheets and PDFs doesn't suffice," said Matt Smith, Athletic Training Solutions' President. "We need to be able to parse and display data and demonstrate real ROI to employers month to month. AMP is elevating us to a new level with a modernized, standardized, and data-driven workflow, as well as ensuring we have asynchronous digital connectivity between my athletic trainers and the industrial laborers we care for. It's an on-demand world out there in terms of identifying risk, business sustainability, and employee retention. AMP allows us to be in lockstep with these new norms."

Originally built with the best sports scientists and sports medicine practitioners to prepare elite athletes for competition, AMP now empowers employee service providers with the risk management and cost containment tools necessary to adopt a proactive stance to overall worker health and well-being. An enterprise platform that scales to fit organizations of all sizes, it is customizable to suit a range of industries looking to engage employees in programs to keep them safe, strong, and productive. 

"It's an exciting time in this market sector," says Rich Walsh, AMP's Chief Revenue Officer. "Forward-leaning service providers like Athletic Training Solutions are seeking out user-friendly software to empower their teams to more effectively address musculoskeletal and soft tissue issues and ensure that skilled workers don't succumb to debilitating and costly injuries." He added, "Having state-of-the-art tools is a win for the providers, for the employer, and most importantly, for that frontline laborer."


AMP's platform connects all stakeholders as they work towards a common performance goal. From Executives looking for risk analysis and reporting, to Athletic Trainers delivering hybrid care, and wellness and safety managers working on-site, AMP promotes a team-based, data-driven approach to worker fitness and well-being. Service providers are implementing AMP's technology to digitize care delivery, modernize communications, and leverage data in the management of industrial athletes to demonstrate differential value to clients.

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Original Source: Athletic Training Solutions Selects AMP to Further Automate Nationally Recognized Health & Safety Service Offerings
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