A New Technology From MHT That Will Positively Impact the Future of Mental Health

Ernie Wallerstein

CEO of Mental Health Technologies

Mental Health Technologies (MHT) is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, platform that provides advanced mental health screening assessments to health care providers. The company's SmarTest platform is cutting-edge technology used by respected medical professionals.

MHT allows clinicians and healthcare providers to send assessments directly to a patient's email or phone, giving the patient ample time and privacy to complete their screening in the comfort of their own home. Once finished, results are automatically uploaded to the patient's electronic health record (EHR) and the clinic is notified. The medical provider is then able to assess the results and develop a treatment plan suitable to the patient's needs.

"According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five adults in the United States has a mental illness in any given year," says Ernie Wallerstein, CEO of MHT. "There's a need for technological innovation from a customer experience perspective and from a clinical and analytical perspective. MHT can objectively help determine an individual's mental health through psychometric evaluations and send the information directly to the right hands, whether it's an employer or a healthcare provider."

According to Wallerstein, "The vast majority of healthcare happens in primary care, and primary care physicians are overwhelmed dealing with behavioral health issues. There are not enough behavioral health professionals to help all the people who need help."

MHT maximizes value through its innovative SmarTest technology. SmarTest allows each clinic to set testing rules to determine which screens are appropriate based on the individual patient's history and appointment type. It then forwards the results to the patient's provider and generates a referral to a Behavioral Health partner if warranted.  This streamline referral process is one of the capabilities that sets MHT apart.

"Via our SmarTest-AI module, our client's medical director tells us the rules for who gets tested based on what criteria. We then send an email or text message to the patient. They take it and then we write those results to the EHR. Everything resides in their EHR, which is their single source of truth," said Wallerstein. "The only way to get in front of this behavioral health issue is to make mental health a key aspect of preventative medicine processes. We need to proactively figure out who needs help and what level of help they need before the issue becomes too big."

MHT understands that a person's mental health is just as important as their physical health. That is why it is leading the change in how medical professionals can more effectively diagnose and treat patients suffering from mental health and substance abuse conditions. MHT strives for customer and patient satisfaction, which is why the ease of use and accuracy of results benefits everyone.

The company is improving the mental health field through the use of technology and is an essential partner in delivering better mental health services nationwide.

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Original Source: A New Technology From MHT That Will Positively Impact the Future of Mental Health
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