Virtual Bacon Reaches New Heights in 2024

Dennis Liu, AKA Virtual Bacon, has now amassed a growing audience of nearly half a million viewers as a trusted Web3 Educator

TORONTO, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Dennis Liu has experienced substantial growth since starting his YouTube channel “Virtual Bacon” just over 3 years ago today. Liu has developed a reputation for offering insights into developments within what Liu believes to be “a pivotal year for crypto.” As a general partner at Momentum 6 Venture Capital Fund, an angel investor, and a revered Web3 educator with a captive audience of nearly half a million followers across socials, Virtual Bacon’s insights are grounded in research and direct experience. This month, Liu’s content has set the stage for a bullish 2024, helping interested parties maximize exposure to potential airdrops and breaking down transformative Web3 developments, including Zero-Knowledge Rollups, Linea, and more.

In one of Liu’s latest videos, he explores 2024’s potential trajectory, emphasizing the significance of the first U.S.-listed exchange-traded funds Bitcoin ETF approval, the potential of Ethereum along with its upcoming ETF, and the necessary role of Layer 2 solutions are sure to play in accelerating the blockchain’s scalability and efficiency throughout the next bull run and beyond. He foresees 2024 to continue to be a year marked by global regulatory clarity that will hopefully foster broader acceptance and integration of blockchain technology across various sectors.

Other focus areas from Liu’s 2024 strategy include Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), highlighting these as key technologies poised to revolutionize privacy and security for blockchain transactions. According to Liu:

“I believe the first half of 2024 will see a huge wave of interest in ZK blockchain infrastructure. Most new protocols are opting to build with a ZK-based solution rather than optimistic rollups, as the technology of ZK is finally ready, and its advantages are crystal clear: For scaling solutions such as Roll-ups, ZK greatly enhances the networks’ security by removing trust assumptions in optimistic solutions. Instead, all security is guaranteed through mathematical proofs. This also has the side benefit of instant withdrawals versus the delayed withdrawals of traditional roll-ups.

For privacy solutions, ZK is the clear leader in achieving on-chain anonymity by choice. This enables unique use cases such as on-chain sports betting, data-protected identity verification, and private communications.”

Liu believes that aside from the advancements of ZK technology, the tailwind of the Ethereum Dencun upgrade will also propel ZK adoption:

“Dencun will introduce the anticipated EIP4844 upgrade, which can reduce layer-2 transaction costs by 10-100x. This specifically benefits ZK layer-2 solutions, as ZK proofs are traditionally expensive to operate. After Dencun goes live in March, ZK-rollups will become just as cheap as optimistic roll-ups with negligible gas fees.”

However, we are only just at the beginning of this bull run and still have much to come this year within the ZK ecosystem and beyond. According to Liu:

Narratives are often front-ran by capital injection; most of the largest ZK blockchain projects will be releasing sometime in the first half of 2024. We just had the StarkNet token airdrop, which reached a fully diluted valuation of over 37 Billion dollars. Similar levels of launches could continue throughout the next 3-4 months with the likes of zkSync, Linea, Taiko, Scroll, and Aleo. Follow the money, and the narrative will come.”

For more insights from Virtual Bacon and to stay updated on his latest insights and strategies, follow him on YouTube and X / Twitter.

About Virtual Bacon

VirtualBacon is a Crypto Developer, Educator, and Angel Investor. He has invested in and supported over 100 Web3 Companies, focusing on branding, community, tokenomics, and fundamental narrative crafting. He has built a community of over 1 million followers with fundamentals-driven Crypto investing strategies.


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