PipFarm Unveils Industry-First Funded Trader Program with Unique Experience-Based Progression System

SINGAPORE, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PipFarm, a pioneering force in the proprietary trading industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge funded trader program. The Company’s Experience Pips (XP) program introduces the first-of-its-kind experience-based progression program that unlocks perks and power-ups for PipFarm members.

Under the visionary leadership of James Glyde, former cTrader executive and a decade-long online trading industry veteran, PipFarm is set to disrupt traditional remote trader-funding paradigms. “Our mission is to empower traders like never before,” said Glyde. “By incorporating an experience-based progression system, we’re not just funding traders; we’re enabling their long-term growth and success with our firm.”

A New Era of Trading Empowerment

Glyde’s vision brings a novel approach to funded trading by offering an unparalleled experience-based progression system. “If a trader fails, they don’t go back to square one. They retain their status and all perks gained,” commented Glyde.

Traders earn Experience Pips (XP) by achieving profit targets, scaling their accounts, and completing various trading quests. As traders accumulate XP, they reach higher ranks, each unlocking enhanced features such as increased drawdown limits, faster account scaling, and higher funding levels.

Unlock Lifetime Powers with PipFarm

PipFarm is revolutionising the funded trader experience with its unique power-up program, offering traders a range of incredible rewards designed to enhance their journey. These powers include higher drawdown limits, faster payout intervals, increased performance fees, shorter scaling cycles, larger scaling increments, higher leverage, lower commissions, and much more. Unlike competitors who charge for similar features or offer them temporarily, PipFarm ensures traders have lasting access to these benefits, empowering them to reach their full potential without hidden costs.

Earn XP with Trading Quests

At PipFarm, traders don’t just accumulate XP through loyalty and achievements—they also earn it by completing exciting quests. Quests such as earning 50 pips from a single trade or maintaining a five-day streak are designed to provide engaging and rewarding experiences. “The purpose of the quests is to provide positive reinforcement to our trading community,” commented Glyde. This innovative approach not only motivates traders but also fosters a supportive trading environment with healthy competition.

Strategic Partnership with cTrader

Choosing the cTrader platform for its funded trader program, PipFarm ensures its users can access advanced analysis, order, risk, and position management tools. “I can’t trade on any other platform, and I can’t offer a service I wouldn’t use myself,” Glyde added. “We shall add more platforms this year.”

A Leap Forward in Funded Trading

PipFarm’s program represents a significant leap forward in the funded trading space. Traditional platforms have struggled with differentiation, often limited by third-party technologies. PipFarm’s proprietary system and the strategic use of cTrader set a new standard for what traders can expect from a funded trader program.

About PipFarm

PipFarm is a fintech startup committed to revolutionizing how traders interact with the financial markets. With a focus on innovation, technology, and trader success, PipFarm is dedicated to providing opportunities for remote traders to access capital and achieve their full potential through its unique funded trader program.

For more information about PipFarm and its funded trader program, please visit pipfarm.com.

Contact Information:

James Glyde
[email protected]

SOURCE PipFarm (ECI Ventures Pte. Ltd.)

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