Crypto or Cash? Hyperion Decimus Launches Actively Managed Crypto Hedge Fund for Institutional Investors

New fund will leverage CoinDesk Indices proprietary Bitcoin and Ether Trend Indicators

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperion Decimus (HD), a digital asset management firm and a sponsor of a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund, announced today the launch of the HD CoinDesk Acheilus Fund (“The Fund”), a transparent, data-driven way to invest in digital assets leveraging institutional grade fiduciary management. The strategy aims to participate in uptrends and largely avoid downtrends, as well as potentially hedge against economic shocks.

The Fund employs a liquid systematic strategy that can seamlessly rotate between digital assets and cash utilizing a combination of quantitative and macroeconomic signals. These signals include CoinDesk Indices’ proprietary Bitcoin Trend Indicator (BTI) and Ether Trend Indicator (ETI), which each convey the presence, direction, and strength of the trend in the price of Bitcoin and Ether, respectively, by using purpose-built, non-discretionary techniques. This assists the HD CoinDesk Acheilus Fund in navigating the volatile crypto markets while detaching emotion from investing. The Fund is institutional grade and capitalizes on the team’s performance consistency, exceptional operational capabilities, and highly specialized crypto expertise.

“As the digital asset market has matured, compiling over a decade of historical data, institutional investors are now seeking alpha opportunities that can only be realized through systematic risk-managed strategies,” said Chris Sullivan, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of HD. “The shift towards active management in digital assets is happening quickly, and we are uniquely positioned to deliver a disciplined, outcome-driven cryptocurrency investment strategy.”

“We value the trust HD puts in CoinDesk Indices and the conviction of the team to utilize our powerful trend indicators,” said Alan Campbell, President, CoinDesk Indices. “The HD CoinDesk Acheilus Fund is poised to attract institutional investors seeking alpha in the digital asset markets but also meeting their desire for capital protection.”

The power of the HD CoinDesk Acheilus Fund, leveraging CoinDesk Indices’ Bitcoin Trend Indicator (BTI) and Ether Trend Indicator (ETI), seeks to reduce institutional investors’ exposure to crypto market volatility. Hyperion Decimus has an extensive track record of navigating through multiple crypto market cycles.

For more information on The Fund please visit

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About Hyperion Decimus:

Hyperion Decimus, LLC (HD) is a diversified, quant-driven digital asset manager with deep experience in both the TradFi and crypto spaces. HD’s fund and separately managed account offerings combine the team’s pedigree in quantitative research, volatility trading, and software development in a multi-strategy approach to managing risk, upside capture, and alpha generation within the emerging digital asset class. In its history, the HD was one of the first managers to run nodes, trade options, design OMS/EMS/PMS software and has traded well over $10 billion in crypto assets cumulatively. HD has also demonstrated successful counterparty risk management that helped it successfully navigate the challenging environment that the industry recently faced.

About CoinDesk Indices

CoinDesk Indices has led the digital asset revolution, empowering global investors since 2014. Backed by Bullish, our indices are the cornerstone of the largest digital asset products worldwide. Precision-driven and compliant, indices like the CoinDesk 20 set the standard for measuring, trading, and investing in crypto. Over $30B in assets are benchmarked to CoinDesk Indices’ products. CoinDesk Indices’ trend signals empower smart beta and alpha-seeking strategies. Ready to achieve your digital asset goals? Visit for more.

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