Bella Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership With Phoenix AlphaNet To Catalyze AI-Enhanced DeFi Solutions

Partnership aims to pioneer a more intuitive, efficient, and advanced DeFi experience – contributing to greater mass adoption of Decentralized Finance initiatives

SINGAPORE, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bella Protocol, a suite of DeFi products designed to unleash liquidity potential and maximize crypto yields, has announced a new partnership with AlphaNet, an AI platform for cryptocurrency trading (which is powered by Phoenix). The partnership will enable both companies to better leverage AI in decentralized liquidity provision and trading.

AlphaNet, running on Phoenix’s AI infrastructure SkyNet, is a Web3-based platform harnessing proprietary AI capabilities that provide crypto traders with powerful tools for optimizing their market edge. With a suite of AI models, it delivers invaluable market insights, actionable signals, and complete trading strategies, empowering users to make more informed decisions in real-time.

Felix Xu, co-founder of Bella Protocol, notes: “At Bella, we’re dedicated to enhancing our product suite and expanding liquidity provision across ecosystems. Partnering with AlphaNet not only aligns with our goal of delivering an intuitive, efficient DeFi experience, but also by integrating its AI-driven trading capabilities, we’re poised to take on new initiatives in refining the trading experience for Bella users – ultimately leading toward greater levels of mass adoption.”

Through AlphaNet’s diverse technology stack, Bella Protocol’s users will be able to access advanced trading experiences and superior risk-adjusted returns secured by AI signals and strategies, which help in predicting directional momentum. Additionally, AlphaNet’s strong existing partnerships with proprietary and high-frequency trading firms, quant tech providers, and algo execution service providers will bring professional trading methods and strategies to Bella’s individual users.

To learn more about Bella Protocol, please visit To read more about the partnership with AlphaNet, please visit

About Bella Protocol
Bella Protocol is a DeFi project that provides a suite of streamlined tools, including a yield protocol Bella LP Farm, which is live on zkSync, Mantle Network and Manta Network, an Ethereum-based smart yield aggregator Bella Flex Savings, and a Uniswap V3 simulator called Tuner.

About Phoenix AlphaNet
AlphaNet is an AI platform for the crypto trading market, powered by Phoenix – an L1 and L2 blockchain infrastructure, empowering intelligent Web3 applications, focusing on the next generation of AI & Privacy-Enabled Web3 Apps

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