Agbotic Wins AgTech Breakthrough ‘Greenhouse Production System of the Year’

Competitive Award for Global Innovation in Agricultural & Food Technologies

NEW YORK - August 25, 2022 - (

Agbotic, the leader in SmartFarm automation, announced today its 2022 AgTech Breakthrough award for "Greenhouse Production System of the Year." AgTech Breakthrough is a leading market intelligence organization that annually selects the top companies, technologies and products in global agricultural and food markets. It performs the industry's most comprehensive analysis including AgTech Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with more than 1,600 nominations from 15 countries in 2022.

Agbotic builds SmartFarms with a big data and deep learning model to grow year-round, local and organic crops with the industry's lowest food production costs and leading, regenerative climate footprint. The Company's patented automation and AI capabilities integrate with traditional farms and renewable energy SmartGrids with a tech stack that extends to outdoor farming.

Because Agbotic grows in soil, it can easily switch crop types to grow leafy greens; culinary and medicinal herbs; root crops; and long-cycle woody stem crops. Agbotic has successfully grown ginger, figs and inputs for plant-based beverages and personal care products. Agbotic uses precision machines to gather high resolution data for machine learning to achieve consistent gains in yields and lower production costs. In the past year, Agbotic has generated yield gains up to 100% across multiple crops and the production costs for a number of its crops are now competitive with outdoor, chemical farming.

"We are excited to win this AgTech Breakthrough award when news cycles are dominated by climate, inflation, food security and food prices. Our technology enables the production of local, secure, low-cost food while sequestering carbon and cleaning the air, water and soil," said John Gaus, a Founder at Agbotic. "Much of agriculture can be profitably distributed into community scale systems to reinvigorate rural economies; make lower cost and healthier food; draw down carbon; and clean the environment. Our decarbonized, denitrified, and digitized approach does just that. One day soon, every community will want a SmartFarm."

"The last two years serve to remind us that food security is paramount. Agbotic's model has put healthy food on hundreds of supermarket shelves and food distribution trucks across New York State. We expect it could do the same in many places with tremendous value to people and the planet." said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, AgTech Breakthrough. "We congratulate Agbotic on their important work and this award."

About Agbotic

Agbotic builds proprietary technology for distributed, organic farming. The company's systems for soil agriculture can grow more crop types than hydroponic greenhouses and do so without the use of synthetic nitrogen. Agbotic grows crops without chemicals; with 90% less water; and utilizes a deep data learning model. Agbotic's crops are certified organic by the USDA and the Real Organic Project. The Company operates its first SmartFarm in Sackets Harbor, New York, and sells fresh produce across New York State and into New England under its GoodHealthy® brand. The Company is expanding in North America and Europe and will establish manufacturing and distribution partners for other regions.

About AgTech Breakthrough

AgTech Breakthrough is a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership. The AgTech Breakthrough Awards program is devoted to honoring excellence in agricultural & food technologies, services, companies and products around the world. The AgTech Breakthrough Awards program provides a forum for public recognition for the achievements of AgTech companies and solutions in categories including farm management, indoor farming, FoodTech, automation, IoT and robotics, FoodTech, analytics and more.

Contact: John Gaus, [email protected], 315-778-9664

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Original Source: Agbotic Wins AgTech Breakthrough 'Greenhouse Production System of the Year' Agbotic Wins AgTech Breakthrough ‘Greenhouse Production System of the Year’

Maximize Performance of Nd:YAG Lasers with New Dual-Band Laser Optics from Edmund Optics®

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Physicians for Informed Consent Sues Medical Board of California, Argues Board is Violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Federal Court hearing will determine if Medical Board of California can continue what PIC calls "prosecuting scientific dissent as so-called 'misinformation'"

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - August 16, 2022 - (

Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), an educational nonprofit organization focused on science and statistics, has filed a First Amendment free speech lawsuit (No. 2:22-cv-01203-JAM-KJN) and a motion for a preliminary injunction against the Medical Board of California in order to protect the free speech of all physicians in California.

The Physicians for Informed Consent lawsuit argues that the Medical Board has weaponized the phrase "misinformation" to unconstitutionally target dissenting physicians, including by "attempting to intimidate by investigation, censor and sanction physicians who publicly disagree with the government's ever-evolving, erratic, and contradictory public health Covid-19 edicts."

Mr. Rick Jaffe, the litigator for this Physicians for Informed Consent lawsuit, structured the legal arguments to emphasize that 75 years of judicial precedent have established that licensing agencies cannot sanction, prosecute or even investigate physicians for speaking out in public about a matter of public concern, regardless of the content, the expressed view point, and even if those views are contrary to the opinions of the "medical establishment."

As an example of the Medical Board's alleged targeting of scientific dissent, the First Amended Complaint refers to the following statement in the Medical Board's February 10-11 Meeting minutes:

"Ms. Lawson stated it is the duty of the board to protect the public from misinformation and disinformation by physicians, noting the increase in the dissemination of healthcare related misinformation and disinformation on social media platforms, in the media, and online, putting patient lives at risk in causing unnecessary strain on the healthcare system."

This Physicians for Informed Consent lawsuit also examines California Assembly Bill 2098 (AB 2098), which aims to censor so-called "misinformation" spoken by physicians to their patients, to the extent that the bill is irreparably vague. As PIC General Counsel Greg Glaser explained in his declaration filed in court on Aug. 9, 2022:

"From my perspective, the Board's standard for misinformation is so hopelessly vague, it is impossible for me to advise my client PIC whether the Board will arbitrarily prosecute PIC for content on the attachment ('COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATES: 20 Scientific Facts That Challenge the Assumptions') even though such PIC content is factual and meticulously cited."

The scheduled hearing on PIC's motion for preliminary injunction is Sept. 27, 2022. The judge assigned to the case is the Honorable John A. Mendez. PIC has requested Judge Mendez issue a preliminary injunction that "the Board be ordered to stop all its investigations of physicians for protected free speech, including but not limited to the public expression of views about the pandemic, the mandates, vaccines, treatments or any other content relating to the pandemic."

Make a contribution to Physicians for Informed Consent here:

Press contact:
[email protected]
(925) 642-6651

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Original Source: Physicians for Informed Consent Sues Medical Board of California, Argues Board is Violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

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