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Legacy Suite Releases LegacyPass™ to Secure and Encrypt Passwords Using the Blockchain

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The VINU Network Lists $VNN Token on MEXC Global

The VINU Network takes a big step in the Web 3 industry with MEXC Global

The VINU Network Lists $VNN Token on MEXC Global
VNN Lists on MEXC Global

VINU Network's token, VNN, lists on MEXC Global

The VINU Network has announced that it will be listing its token, $VNN, on the major exchange MEXC Global, on the 29th of January at 10:00 (UTC). $VNN is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain, and has a fixed supply of 2 billion tokens. It is the native token that will be used within the VINU Network platform.

Holders of the $VNN token will be able to benefit from various utilities, including exclusive access to VINU's limited edition NFT presales, as well as the ability to trade VINU NFTs in its marketplace.

Even long before the token launch, The VINU Foundation has stressed that it always strives for a platform with an organic virtuous cycle of tokens. It aims to focus on the quality of its platform and increase the token value while prioritizing transparency, greater security, and consumer protection within the recently shaken Web3 space.

The launch of $VNN tokens on MEXC is an important milestone for the VINU Network, and a step towards its ultimate goal of creating a globalized platform that serves various users and industries, and further solidifying its position in the Web3 world.

About the VINU Network
VINU Network is a real-economy Metaverse based on franchises that exist in the real world. It has an intricate infrastructure of hundreds of unmanned stores and chains all around Europe and Asia, and these stores will link directly to ones within the VINU SPACE, VINU Network's own Metaverse. Users can become 'Owners' by holding a Store NFT, and therefore will be able to claim ownership and operation rights to these stores, as well as multiple holder-only benefits that include funding and support for those who wish to proceed with an offline start-up. 

VINU Network is also launching its own NFT pack, marketplace, and staking pool for all users to participate in and generate continuous rewards.

More information on VINU Network is available in its whitepaper.

Connect with VINU Network through the following links:
VINU Networks Socials : Telegram | Twitter | Medium
Media Contact : Deena | [email protected]

Contact Information:
Deena ElDesuky
Business Strategy Manager
[email protected]

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Intmax Named One of Switzerland Crypto Valley’s TOP 50 Blockchain Projects for 2022

CV VC and Bank Frick Included as One of the TOP 50 in the CV VC Top 50 Report, a report analyzing the best performing blockchain projects in the Crypto Valley

Intmax Named One of Switzerland Crypto Valley’s TOP 50 Blockchain Projects for 2022

Intmax Named CV VC Top 50 Report 2022

LUZERN, Switzerland - January 19, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

Ryodan Systems AG is pleased to announce that its zkRollup project "Intmax" has been selected as one of the Top 50 out of 1135 companies in the Swiss Crypto Valley. The project was included in the CV VC Top 50 Report, a report published by CV VC and Bank Frick that analyzes the best performing blockchain projects in the Crypto Valley.

Intmax Project: https://intmax.io

"CV VC Top 50 Report" 

The CV VC Top 50 Report, in collaboration with Bank Frick, is a periodical report that analyzes the top 50 best-performing blockchain projects in Crypto Valley, based on market valuation, funding, and the number of employees. Furthermore, the report highlights Crypto Valley's diverse blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, which consists of universities, banks, VCs, Technology Solution Providers, Law firms, and more.

DOWNLOAD REPORT: https://www.cvvc.com/insights#top50

About Intmax

Intmax is expected to be the world's first Ethereum Layer 2 to achieve both scalability and privacy, and many people from the national and international Ethereum community are participating in the development project and ecosystem. The algorithm has been devised by the project's head and cofounder in 2021 and continues to work towards the goal of protecting the property rights and privacy of Internet users around the world with Ethereum.

Intmax: https://intmax.io

Intmax roadmap

Q2 2023: Alpha version on the Ethereum mainnet.
Q4 2023: Launching Intmax mainnet. Any validators/miners can participate in the network.

Comment from Leona Hioki, the CEO of Ryodan Systems

In Switzerland, where crypto projects gather from all over the world, Intmax is ranked in the top 50 out of 1135 companies. This is a great achievement for the Intmax community. Extraordinary passions for building and using new social infrastructures based on Ethereum cryptography, is what led to this high rating in the joint CV VC and Bank Frick survey. We are confident that people will remember that their first participation in Intmax testnet or seeing this ranking around 2023 was just the beginning of the significant movement.

About Ryodan Systems

Ryodan Systems AG is a Switzerland-based company that develops a zkRollup* called Intmax. It facilitates rollups in a completely new way, different from traditional rollups, and has also obtained a grant from the Ethereum Foundation in 2022, and CV VC and Bank Frick have been selected as Crypto Valley's best performing blockchain projects TOP 50.

*zkRollup is the most popular Ethereum scaling solution that leverages zero-knowledge proofs.

Ryodan Systems AG https://ryodan.systems
Intmax  https://intmax.io
Intmax Twitter https://twitter.com/intmaxIO
Intmax Github https://github.com/InternetMaximalism

Contact Information:
Mai Fujimoto
[email protected]

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