WrkSpot CEO and Founder Raja Epsilon’s Software Improves Hotel Operations

Higher employee engagement makes for a happier and more productive environment for hotel labor management.

WrkSpot CEO and Founder Raja Epsilon has created a software program that enhances hotel productivity by connecting teams, integrating operations, and improving guest experiences.

Recent reports show the hotel industry is struggling to manage record-low levels of employee engagement and is still dealing with chronic understaffing post-pandemic. There are two solutions for hotel operations: implementing service optimization software and focusing on employee engagement.

"The hotel industry needs to address employee satisfaction that results in happier customers during their stay in a hotel," Epsilon said. "Work is a happier, healthier and much more productive place if people in all parts of the organization can easily collaborate and communicate, driving employee engagement."

Guest satisfaction is linked to efficiency in hotel operations. According to Hotel Tech Report, service optimization allows hotel staff to collaborate on different tasks and complex projects while being in different parts of the property. Hotels can save approximately $1,500 for every 1,500 guest requests by implementing service optimization software.

While building the WrkSpot platform, business associates asked Epsilon to address hotel labor-management problems in the hotel industry. Through his work experiences, he noticed an invariant in that the success or failure of individuals and teams hinged on communication and collaboration within an organization.

Epsilon's vision for WrkSpot is a direct result of that insight, discovering the difference effective communication across teams can make at organizations of any size. He produced a solution that can "do more with less," driving increased collaboration through communication, scheduling and other challenges in running a hotel business.

"Our solution gives employees the ability to clock in and out, see and manage work assignments, and communicate on the job from their own mobile devices," Epsilon said. "It is a much more efficient way to support their operations."

According to a Skift and Oracle hospitality survey, almost 65% of executives surveyed are thinking about incorporating recent technologies for staff efficiency to attract and retain staff.

"Our software enables real-time task assignment and communications between employees and integrates operations by unifying scheduling, employee management, compliance, and more in one platform," Epsilon said. "This means more of the employees' time and energy is spent on making guests happy."

The hospitality industry provides Epsilon with the opportunity to travel and experience unfamiliar places. "Professionally, it is an industry that is plagued by a plethora of problems relating to employee engagement in the hospitality industry," he said. "These are not problems that have to be accepted as inherent in the industry, and I am excited by the challenge of engaging with them."

Epsilon is a creative technologist with more than 20 years of experience delivering innovative products to startup and enterprise organizations. Prior to creating WrkSpot, he was VP of Engineering at Avetta (formerly PICS Auditing), where his overhaul of legacy systems and scaling of development capabilities played a significant role in the company's acquisition by Norwest Venture Partners. He achieved comparable results as Director of IT at Entertainment Partners, resulting in $500M in revenue in three years, doubling shareholder value.

Epsilon earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan, Mathematics from York University in Toronto, and Mathematics from Utkal University in India.

"I have delivered holistic technology solutions on the internet-hardware, auto, entertainment, tax/accounting, and compliance industry," Epsilon said. "There, I honed my skills at enhancing the fundamentals of the art and science involved in making a product successful in the market. You have to acknowledge failures quickly and recalibrate your offerings fast enough to ensure the product is acceptable to your customer."

"I am now seven years into this startup journey, and, with each passing year, I inch closer to fulfilling my dream of building something that will help organizations worldwide promote better internal communication," Epsilon said.

What excites him is "working together with WrkSpot employees like a family to accomplish the WrkSpot vision together, helping employees engage to drive productivity." 

About WrkSpot

Founded in 2017, WrkSpot is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management, and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs, and streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot allows hotel managers to avoid being bogged down by the unavoidable details of hotel operations.

To learn more about WrkSpot, please visit https://www.wrkspot.com.

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