Wedit, a Company Specializing in Metaverse, is Set to Launch an AI-Based Webtoon Background Program Called ‘Digidog Studio’ for Webtoon Writers

CYPRESS, Calif. - November 21, 2022 - (

As K-Webtoons develop rapidly around the world, the webtoon market is growing. While the market has grown in size, there are many webtoon writers who are living in poverty due to a lack of money and time. To give them a little leeway, Wedit developed "Digidog Studio."

Based on Wedit's technology, "Digidog Studio" proposed Wedit's exclusive solution for webtoon writers who have a problem with time and finance.

"Digidog Studio" is an AI-based webtoon background program that can freely and quickly handle webtoon backgrounds, which is one of the most important elements of webtoons. "Digidog Studio" has been developed so not only beginners can use it easily, but everyone else, from new webtoon writers to professional writers and even those who dream of becoming a writer, can use it at a low price.

"Digidog Studio" was developed to solve the time problem when drawing webtoon backgrounds one by one and also the financial burden of purchasing webtoon backgrounds individually.

A variety of backgrounds are included in the "Digidog Studio" program. When downloading the background file in the program, it is encrypted in real time and downloaded. Many 3D background producers suffering from copyright issues can also avoid the problem if they sell their backgrounds through "Digidog Studio." In addition, when executing the background, it can be reflected in real time according to the user's operation, such as object editing, lighting adjustment, camera adjustment, and finish touch. By downloading the background that the user wants, the user can acquire the image they desire. Also, Wedit has been collecting data through 3D scans for a long time and has been holding and accumulating vast amounts of data. This data was applied to the webtoon, game and VR industries, so the problem of diversity in the webtoon background of "Digidog Studio" could be easily solved. All of these things are possible with AI technology and artificial intelligence. 

Wedit said it developed "Déformer" and "AI Auto Coloring" as well as "Digidog Studio" to make it easy for aspiring webtoon writers, new writers, and professional writers to be free from financial difficulties regardless of the size of the webtoon market. All these features will provide webtoon writers with many advantages and tools.

Wedit is approaching the growing webtoon market with various technologies. Speaking of "Webtoons," most people look at them from the reader's standard, but Wedit focused on the perspective of webtoon writers and developed "Digidog Studio" thinking "how to create services that webtoon artists need" and "how to influence the webtoon market."

Expectations are high on what kind of technology Wedit will use to influence the global market in the future. In addition, how Wedit's technology will be able to discover more aspiring webtoon writers and create better quality works with them to constantly entertain many readers.

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Original Source: Wedit, a Company Specializing in Metaverse, is Set to Launch an AI-Based Webtoon Background Program Called 'Digidog Studio' for Webtoon Writers
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