Turning a Lockdown Idea Into a Successful Brand! Launched During the Pandemic, NOBLE & STYLE Luxury Magazine Has Become a Shooting Star.

What started as a small idea by magazine founder and cosmopolite Raffaele Castelli to compensate for the challenges his event marketing agency CLY faced during the lockdowns has developed into one of the most recognized digital media brands in the luxury industry. Only two years after its launch in the depth of the pandemic, NOBLE & STYLE Luxury Magazine belongs to the best in class. The high-end online magazine was named one of the TOP 50 Best Luxury Media in the World by Luxury Lifestyle Awards New York based on its overall excellence.

Raffaele Castelli

Raffaele Castelli - Photo by Luke Fontana

"Being awarded alongside such well-established names as Tatler, British Vogue, Wallpaper, and Harper's Bazaar is something that took me a while to wrap my head around," says Raffaele Castelli, smiling about the latest achievement of his up-and-coming magazine. The budding NOBLE & STYLE Luxury Magazine has had its most significant achievement by being listed as one of the Top 50 Best Luxury Media in the World. "Looking back on how the idea of Noble & Style started in 2020, I am truly proud of our development. 2019 was CLY's most profitable and international year ever with marketing events across the World from Berlin, Barcelona to New York and Los Angeles," says Raffaele about his event and experiential marketing agency CLY. "But with the start of the pandemic, the worldwide lockdowns and travel bans, we stood still like so many other businesses and were forced to break new grounds and reshape our future: This was the start of Noble & Style Luxury Magazine." 

By Spring 2020, the idea of a digital platform that brought luxury lifestyle and products to the online World was evolving daily. Launching in September 2020, NOBLE & STYLE Luxury Magazine honed a unique voice throughout every editorial and feature. Focusing on travel, food, luxury watches, culture, and design, they highlight modern craft and experiences and showcase up-and-coming Lifestyle businesses. 

We publish in four languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and German. With staff spread across all of Europe working hard to bring unique items and experiences to the NOBLE & STYLE readership, Founder Raffaele Castelli is immensely proud of what he and his team have achieved over the last two years: "I am truly honoured to work together with a team that is so dedicated to our brand and so passionate about engaging with our audience and sharing true luxury experiences with them," says Raffaele.

His story shows how a particular pioneering spirit and the perspective of seeing challenges as chances can pay off. From a business created in reaction to the pandemic, NOBLE & STYLE is becoming one of the biggest global hitters in the digital luxury world.  

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Original Source: Turning a Lockdown Idea Into a Successful Brand! Launched During the Pandemic, NOBLE & STYLE Luxury Magazine Has Become a Shooting Star.
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