True Potential Scholarship Event Raises Funds for Over 50 Awards

César Magaña Linares, keynote speaker, and Nebraska’s Mexican Consul Jorge Espejel join scholarship co-founders Karen Pesek and Ross Pesek at the True Potential Fundraising event held June 20 at Metropolitan Community College. The effort surpassed its fun

OMAHA, NE, USA, June 26, 2024 / — In a room packed with 280 people (15 of them students), César Magaña Linares took the stage and looked out at the faces in the audience. They were attentive and proud, eagerly anticipating his story.

On June 20, people from diverse walks of life gathered at Metropolitan Community College to experience the talent of the school’s Culinary Arts program, but that’s not all they had in common.

Each person was there to celebrate the True Potential Scholarship in some way. Current scholarship recipients were recognized and cheered on. Recent graduates were applauded for their accomplishments. Families, advocates and community partners shared their pride and congratulations. Benefactors of the program shared in the joy of each and stepped up to do more, raising more than $40,000 to provide 50-60 scholarships in the coming year.

Linares shared with them his journey as a Salvadorian immigrant. Overcoming social and economic barriers, he is now the first lawyer with his legal status in Nebraska. Thanks to scholarships like True Potential, he conquered the struggles faced by each student in the room that night – unable to receive federal loans and many scholarships due to his immigration status.

Thanks to a scholarship like True Potential, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Latino/Latin American Studies and a Juris Doctor. Today, Linares helps unaccompanied migrant children navigate the complex legal system in the United States through the Immigrant Legal Center.

“César is a wonderful success story of someone who’s education not only changed the course of their life, but is contributing to our communities and helping protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Karen, co-founder of the True Potential Scholarship. “We are humbled and grateful that he joined us to inspire our students and our guests. The money we raised at our event will fund 50-60 scholarships for students who have remarkable things ahead of them. Just like César, all they need is a chance.”

For 11 years, the True Potential Scholarship program has been opening doors for young immigrants seeking higher education. Founded by Ross Pesek, CEO of Pesek Law, and his wife, Karen, CFO of the firm, the initiative aims to empower immigrant students by providing them with the opportunity to earn a quality, affordable education and achieve their dreams.

Mexican Consul Jorge Espejel praised the efforts of the program, which specifically focuses on immigrant students for awards.

“True Potential Scholarships provide a great resource for students to be successful in higher studies,” said Espejel. “That’s not only good for Mexican communities, it’s good for the entire state of Nebraska.”

“We believe education is key to building strong communities and opening up chances for everyone to live the life of their dreams,” said Ross Pesek, Karen’s husband, co-founder of the True Potential Scholarship and CEO of Pesek Law. “My wife and I both know what it’s like to live in another country, where everything feels different and you stand out. We were both immigrant students at one point and we both completed our degrees on a path that began with community college. That’s why we started the True Potential Scholarship.”

Students are invited to apply year-round; applications are available online and reviewed as they are received. Find more information and apply online at

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Since 2013, the True Potential Scholarship has been helping young people who find it hard to go to college because of their immigration status. True Potential Scholarships provide young immigrants an opportunity to make their dreams reality through quality, affordable education and are a key part of the mission at Pesek Law. Learn more at

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