Trading Futures Now Releases Its First Automated Trading Algo for Retail Traders

Many retail traders struggle to become successful and profitable traders. It is widely estimated that less than one out of every four traders will be consistently profitable. They must stop and ask the question "why?" Is it because the human trader is emotional and generally will be inconsistent in executing a trading plan? Or is it because the trader simply does not have a trading system that has shown a positive expectancy on historical data? It may be all of these things. Trading Futures Now has released the TFN Algo to help the ordinary retail trader execute trades 100% algorithmically and overcome some of these insurmountable obstacles. 

"Trader's Tuition" 

Trader's tuition refers to the amount of money the average trader must lose in order to gain enough knowledge on the best way to stop losing. Essentially paying a tuition for their learning experience in the form of losses. The average stockbroker has a degree in finance, business, or economics and has also obtained a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority license, among other certifications. They may spend years analyzing the market, gaining knowledge over time that helps them to become more adept at understanding what the market is doing and then trading accordingly. True, professional traders still make mistakes and experience losses, but it is hard to argue that their knowledge and experience are not assets.

Trading, therefore, can involve a high degree of competence as well as a lot of time, energy, and effort. It is a high bar for most retail traders, who already have their own careers, families, and personal lives to attend to. While many choose to educate themselves through the myriad of books and seminars available, that knowledge also takes time to assimilate.

The question, then, is if there is a way to allow retail traders to have access to the strategies used by professionals. Trading Futures Now believes the answer is yes and points to its automated software as a possible solution.

The Technology That Trading Futures Now Has Designed

Trading Futures Now states they are a "fully automated trading system combined with a user trading community to take the mystery out of algorithmic trading. The users of the Trading Futures Now system are encouraged to share in our community." Trading Futures Now has released the TFN Algo product on a monthly lease basis which includes the TFN Bars, a unique chart bar type.  

TFN Algo

Trading Futures Now has been consistently uploading daily videos of their TFN Algo trading results to their YouTube channel. They indicate the TFN algo is a "100% automated scalping algo." 

To learn more about Trading Futures Now's 100% automated trading algorithm, please visit, or contact:

Trading Futures Now

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Rye Brook, NY 10573

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