The Newly Signed US-Philippine Defense Agreement (EDCA) Leads to Unintended Economic Growth

Amid strengthening trade and security relationships between the United States and the Philippines, leading American-owned BPO firms are expanding their operations in the Philippines.

The United States and the Philippines renewed their longstanding partnership with the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), granting the U.S. armed forces access to nine locations in the Philippines for use as bases and storage facilities. A few weeks later, Philippine President Marcos made a historic visit to the U.S. to meet President Biden.

Following these high-level diplomatic engagements, a new chapter in economic cooperation is beginning to unfold. In addition to increased military presence, leading American BPO firms are using this opportunity to expand their operations in the Philippines as well.

One prime example is Clark Staff, an American-owned outsourcing firm with nearly 1000 employees in the Philippines. Clark Staff's President and Co-founder, Russel Meiselman said "The expansions are primarily focused in key Philippine cities, including Bacolod and Clark Freeport Zone." He added, "The expansion involves setting up new contact centers and recruiting local talent, thus contributing to job creation and economic growth in the Philippines."

The move comes as part of the company's strategic goals to tap into the Philippines' well-educated, English-speaking workforce and to take advantage of the favorable business environment fostered by the newly strengthened U.S.-Philippines relations.

With the deepening relationship between Washington DC and Manila, new opportunities for economic cooperation and shared growth are emerging, with the BPO industry playing a significant part in this progressive shift.

Clark Staff is an American-owned and operated, full-service BPO company located in St. Petersburg, Florida with locations in the Philippines, India, and the country of Georgia. Clark Staff offers a wide range of service solutions to companies of any size and industry. For more information, visit

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Original Source: The Newly Signed US-Philippine Defense Agreement (EDCA) Leads to Unintended Economic Growth
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