The Booming Animation Industry is Seeing a Wide Range of Applications in Various Fields


Whiteboard animation is the right choice when the purpose is to illustrate high-tech products or critical processes.

Integration of AI and ML in animation can bring personalization and improvement of the content.”

— GoodFirms

WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2023/ — GoodFirms, a universally renowned B2B ratings and reviews platform, recently released its new research report-“Animation Industry: Past, Present Trends, Future Predictions.” The research presents the past and current state of the animation industry, along with the trends that are driving the growth. The research also aims to predict the future prospects of the animation sector.

Globally, animation has gained enormous popularity across several industries with its enhanced sophistication in the technologies to create immersive animated content and stories across channels with engaging visual effects and realistic animations.

Research also highlights types of animation trending in the market segments: traditional, rotoscope, motion graphics, stop motion, hybrid, 2D/3D animation, and AR/ VR animation.

The key market players in the animation industry are SideFX, Adobe, Autodesk Inc., Animation Sharks, Videocaddy, Maxon Computer, and TriggerFish Studios.

Further, the survey discloses a few top trends in the animation industry, such as the usage of hybrid animation, adoption of vertical videos, growth of VR, animation, incorporation of depth sensors, 2D animation videos for marketing, enhanced use of Kinetic Typography, and rise of whiteboard animation.

GoodFirms’ research also confidently highlights that the significance that the Animation technologies has gained so far may further rise by 5% by 2031, and this growth can further empower various industries like marketing, education, healthcare, gaming, architecture, and engineering.

“High demand for animated content, staying up-to-date with the latest technology, intellectual property protection are some of the challenges faced by the animation industry,” GoodFirms Survey.

GoodFirms conclude by saying that the latest technologies, like the expansion of the streaming services, integration of AI and ML, Virtual production, and collaboration across the globe, can fuel the landscape of the animation industry.

Key Findings:

The animation utilizes a series of images to make a simulation of movement.

Traditional animation, or cel animation, consists of hand-drawn images with slight differences in the series of images.

Motion graphics are meant for shorter pieces of animation intended for either entertainment or conveying information.

Based on the objects used for photographing, stop-motion animation can be categorized as Object-Motion, Claymation, Pixilation, Cutout animation, Puppet animation, or Silhouette animation.

3D animation is designed to add elements of height, length, and depth to the animated clip.

The Animation industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% to reach a value of USD 528.8 billion by the year 2030.

Combining 2D and 3D animation is the latest trend in the animation industry to obtain the advantages of both techniques in one creation.

Mobile phone usage has led to the adoption of vertical videos.

Around 69% of US consumers view videos muted.

The pandemic witnessed around 7 million consumers quitting traditional cable TV in 2020 while opting for streaming services.

About Research:

GoodFirms Survey- “Animation Industry: Past, and Present Trends, Future Predictions” reveals the various styles of animation, the current trends, and predict future developments in the industry.

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About GoodFirms:

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