Sourcing Insights Launches Revolutionary Supplier Performance Module on SOURCINGSHARK (TM) Technology

The new feature aggregates data on key performance metrics so businesses can better understand their suppliers.

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Sourcing Insights is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary new Supplier Performance Module in SourcingShark™, its proprietary spend analytics software solution. This cutting-edge module gives customers detailed insights to understand supplier performance and make more informed decisions.

The Supplier Performance Module aggregates key metrics such as quality, on-time delivery, order accuracy, and cost savings. It also offers in-depth analysis and recommendations for improving supplier performance.  

"We are excited to launch our new Supplier Performance Module on SourcingShark™," said Steven Miller, CEO and co-founder. "This module will provide our customers with quantifiable and actionable insights as part of the total supplier quality management system."

The new module was designed using advanced programming, allowing customers to identify trends and issues within their supply chain quickly. Customers can use the module to track supplier performance over time, measure progress against goals, and uncover potential areas for improvement. The new module takes a complicated, time-consuming manual process and streamlines data into an easy-to-read dashboard.

"The goal of this module is to provide our customers with the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions when it comes to sourcing products from suppliers," said Brian Deno, Senior Vice President of Technology at Sourcing Insights. "By adding the Supplier Performance Module to the SourcingShark™ solution, we hope it will help open a dialogue with their suppliers to ensure pricing and performance are aligned with expectations."

The module also offers a supplier-facing portal to see their scores in real-time and discover what factors contribute to the performance rating. The result is better transparency for both the business and the supplier.

Sourcing Insights is committed to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions that help its customers optimize their supply chain operations. The introduction of the Supplier Performance Module on SourcingShark™ marks another major milestone in the company's mission to deliver groundbreaking technology that drives efficiency and cost savings within businesses across multiple industries.

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Sourcing Insights is a single-source solution for procurement professionals built by experts who understand the complexities of modern supply chain operations. Our mission is to maximize business performance and ensure profitable business growth through our cutting-edge spend analysis software, SourcingShark™, our proprietary spend analytics software for businesses looking to optimize procurement processes and save time and money. SourcingShark™ is engineered for procurement teams by procurement professionals and leverages your master vendor files to give you unparalleled visibility of your purchasing landscape and increased control of purchase orders and pricing. 

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