Signals Announces 13 CEOs and Founders Speaking at the Demand Gen Summit

Signals to host the Spring Demand Gen Summit, a live virtual event that will take place on May 17, 2023, featuring 28 speakers to include 13 Global Industry leading CEOs and Founders.

Signals, the leading AI marketing tool to interpret buyers' digital demeanor, today announced the full list of speakers that will be participating in the Demand Gen Summit. The Summit will be a one-day event with 28 live and exclusively pre-recorded speaker sessions.  

The Summit is free to attend and will take place at 9 AM PST on May 17, 2023, starting with the anticipated keynote featuring the round table of CEOs. These speakers include Godard Abel from G2, Gabe Rogol from Demandbase, Kris Rudeegaap from Sendoso, and David Elkington, Founder of InsideSales. The CEOs will discuss the future of demand generation, how AI fits into future opportunities, along with insights into key tactics and strategies from their perspective and vast experience in the industry. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies for generating demand in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.  

"We are thrilled to have this group of respected business leaders come together for the keynote address at our Demand Gen Summit," said Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals. "Godard Abel, Gabe Rogol, Kris Rudeegaap, and David Elkington are among the most innovative and forward-thinking CEOs in the industry, and their insights will be invaluable for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in demand generation."  

The speakers at the Demand Gen Summit are among some of the most successful and innovative leaders in the business space. They will cover a range of topics, including "Drive Demand," "Engage Demand," and "Close Demand," where they'll reveal the latest growth trends and actionable strategies being used by some of the world's leading organizations.   

The following speakers will be featured at the Summit: 

  • Godard Abel, Co-Founder & CEO of G2
  • Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase
  • Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso
  • Dave Elkington, Founder of InsideSales
  • Alexine Mudawar, CEO of Women in Sales
  • Sourabh Kothari, Co-Founder & CEO of Demand Gen Studios
  • David Dulany, CEO of Tenbound
  • Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell
  • Mia Umanos, CEO of Clickvoyant
  • Jordan Crawford, Founder of Blueprint
  • Eric Nowoslawski, Founder of Growth Engine X
  • Andre Yee, Founder of Triblio
  • Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals
  • John Eitel, CSO of Demandbase
  • William Tyree, CMO of
  • Declan Mulkeen, CMO of Strategicabm
  • Tracy Kraft, VP, Global Revenue Marketing at Demandbase
  • Mariah West, VP of Marketing at VIB
  • Ashley Faus, Director of Integrated Product Marketing at Atlassian
  • Christina Brady, SVP of Sales at Spekit
  • Angela Romero, Director, Demand Gen at Spekit
  • Mason Cosby, Director of Demand Gen at Sales Assembly
  • Steve Eror, Sales Director at Signals
  • Mary Batchelder, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Triblio
  • Zoë Hartsfield, Head of Marketing & RevOps Evangelism at Swantide
  • Jim Gilkey, Account-Based-Beverages Podcast Host
  • Alex Weitzel, Marketing Manager at Omedym
  • Jake Spear, Director of Sales at

The Demand Gen Summit is a must-attend event for marketing professionals, sales leaders, and business executives looking to drive growth and maximize revenue. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 4+ hours of live presentations along with over 15 hours of exclusively pre-recorded presentations from top experts in business-to-business space.  

The event will be broadcast from, YouTube and LinkedIn, providing attendees with a convenient and accessible way to participate from anywhere in the world. 

Registration for the Demand Gen Summit is currently open to attend. For more information and to save your seat, please visit   

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