Sign of the Changing Times: Business Book ‘No-Fluff Business’ by Sarah Mae Ives Reaches #3 Best Seller on The Wall Street Journal (Week Ending April 29, 2023)

Sarah Mae Ives, president and founder of Sarah Mae Ives Social Media Inc., a training company that offers a Certificate Program for Social Media Ads Managers, has been named a WSJ best-selling author for her nonfiction book: The No-Fluff Business: The 90-Day Guide to More Money, Freedom, and Purpose Online. Further proof that the business industry is swaying towards investing more money in sales and advertising online versus on billboards and television. 

Testament to the changing times 

The advertising space is changing rapidly in 2023. Even a decade ago the term "ads manager" didn't exist, but the rise of social media and the advertising opportunities presented by it mean that fewer and fewer businesses are advertising on television, print and billboards and instead, companies are investing more and more dollars in advertising on social media. This is evidenced by just how many companies are now paying Ads Managers to create and run their company ads campaigns.

This influx in online advertising applies to all companies, including local brick-and-mortar stores (gyms, spas, chiropractors and more) and online e-commerce platforms (including those that also have brick-and-mortar stores like Tiffany's, Mercedes and more). The role of the Social Media Ads Manager is increasing in prevalence each year, as more and more businesses begin advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google and more. 

Due to the complexity of advertising online and the sheer amount of saturation in the online space, the role of Ads Manager is growing in demand, as well as for training programs like the Sarah Mae Ives Training program.

Sarah Mae Ives is a leading industry expert in the digital media space, particularly in creating and running successful social media ads for companies across the world on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google and more. Her Social Media Ads Training program for those wishing to launch their own Ads Agency is called: The No-Fluff Business™ Mentorship and has helped thousands of students since its inception in 2020. 

The Sarah Mae Ives program empowers its students, who are mostly women, to create their own businesses (specifically launching an ads agency for most). Students of the No-Fluff Business Mentorship™ also learn the fundamentals of business and how to provide a valuable offering to many businesses in need of scaling their engagement and digital presence.

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Original Source: Sign of the Changing Times: Business Book 'No-Fluff Business' by Sarah Mae Ives Reaches #3 Best Seller on The Wall Street Journal (Week Ending April 29, 2023)
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