Redefining Capitalism Through Storytelling

Feature Documentary Beyond Zero to be Screened During the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Screening of Beyond Zero

Screening of Beyond Zero

Beyond Zero will screen at the American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival at 2 p.m. local time on May 17. In a panel after the film, Director Nathan Havey and Editor Nathan Church will discuss how, through storytelling, they are redefining capitalism and helping business leaders around the world put sustainability at the center of their organizations.

Beyond Zero doesn't fit in the usual documentary marketplace. Capitalism is often perceived as the problem - accelerating climate change, income inequalities, injustices and more. And, that's true. But documentaries tend to focus on the problems and not the solutions. What if capitalism reimagined could also be the solution? If we were to align profit with people and the planet, could we unleash a force to positive change at scale? 

To answer these questions, the feature documentary follows a $1 billion global carpet company called Interface as it begins to recognize the environmental harm it causes, and the journey that transformed it into one of the most sustainable companies on Earth. Beyond Zero has now obtained a series of accolades, including The Audience Choice Award at the Denver Film Festival as well as Best Documentary and Best Story at the Boston Film Festival. 

The biggest ripple effects can be seen in the private sector and academia: major North American companies like KKR, UPS, PWC, and Meta and their peers in Europe, Asia, and Australia have used screenings of the film to show their global teams a better way to think about sustainability. And, business faculty at Harvard, Yale, The Tecnologico De Monterrey (MX), Nyenrode University (NL), ESCP (EU), and many more around the world have obtained special permission to incorporate the film into their curriculums. 

"I saw an opportunity to use the power of storytelling to advance the sustainability mission captured in Beyond Zero: inspiring businesses at scale to focus not only on reducing their negative impact but to aspire 'beyond zero' and maximize the positive impacts they can be making at the same time," said Nathan Havey, the first-time director of Beyond Zero. "As one of the characters in the film says 'Humans messed up the environment on accident, imagine what happens when we fix the environment with intent,'" he added.

In addition to changing business education, Havey also sees an urgent need to help companies accelerate their sustainability journeys, so he co-founded a new company called Stakeholder Business to help corporate leaders learn the critical lessons in Beyond Zero and bring them into their own companies. These efforts have also attracted three new film projects on other critical aspects of redefining capitalism to Havey and his team, the next of which is due to be completed later this year.

For media inquiries, please contact: Claire Angelle (phone: +1 678 6410051 - email: [email protected]).

For inquiries about private screenings and educational resources, please contact: Kent Gregoire (phone: +1 770 990 9119 - email:  [email protected]).

ABOUT NATHAN HAVEY - Nathan is the Writer/Director of Beyond Zero, a HaveyPro Cinema Production. HaveyPro Cinema is based in Denver, Colorado, was founded by Jim Havey, Nathan's dad, and is now led by CEO Nathan Church. For more than 40 years, HaveyPro has been making films to inform and inspire.

ABOUT STAKEHOLDER BUSINESS  - Stakeholder Business was founded by Nathan Havey, Kent Gregoire, and Meghan French Dunbar to accelerate the evolution of capitalism into a force that builds a world that works for everyone.

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