Patrick Wade of ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Gives Expert Advice on Fall Tree Planting in Virginia

RICHARDSVILLE, VIRGINIA, USA, November 2, 2023 / — Pruning and planting trees is often associated with the spring season but, in many areas of the country, fall is an optimal time as well. Patrick Wade, owner of ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service, Virginia, shares his expert advice on pruning, planting, and removing trees in his region. “Virginia is a state where fall temperatures are relatively mild. The soil is still soft and warm enough for trees to take root quickly and at the same time the heat and sun of the summer that tends to dry soil out has subsided,” comments Patrick.

Through his years of being in the tree industry, Patrick has learned that fall gives new trees a great start for thriving health. “Planting in the fall gives trees an extra growing season before they have to deal with the stresses of summer. Some people worry that their new trees will not be able to sustain the winter, but this is not the case. Trees will go dormant in the winter, and this slows down their energy consumption,” explains Patrick. He also emphasizes the importance of fertilizing trees with fall/winter products to enrich the soil for the dormant season and removing any large trees that look alarming or trimming dead limbs.

Patrick established ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service LLC in Richardsville, Virginia, as a tree company dedicated to excellence in both tree and landscaping services. His company caters to clients in Henrico, Richmond, Glen Allen, Matoaca and Chesterfield, offering a wide range of services, including tree removals, pruning and trimming, hazardous removals, land and lot clearing, storm cleanup and emergency services, stump grinding, brush chipping, and crane services. They hold various credentials, including BBB accreditation with an A+ rating, ISA certification, and membership in the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service has achieved remarkable growth and business expansion due to a strategic partnership with Tree Leads Today (TLT). Patrick shared his insights on how this alliance has influenced the growth of his business. He emphasized the consistent workflow that TLT’s marketing efforts have generated. Wade stated, “I’ve been working with TLT for many years, and they keep us busy; their marketing ensures we have steady work coming in. The customer service is great; I have a direct contact that is very responsive and can call or email whenever I want more work or have any other questions.”

One of the key advantages of our partnership, as highlighted by Wade, is the exclusive nature of the leads they provide. Wade’s zip codes are locked in exclusively for his business, so that none of his competitors ever receive the same leads that TLT delivers to him. This is a key reason why leads obtained through TLT have a high success rate and often result in completed jobs.

ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service has experienced substantial growth in its eight years of business, with an expanding customer base and an increasing demand for its services. The efficiency of the estimator and the proximity of jobs have significantly improved, enabling the company to move from one job to the next with ease.

Wade also expressed a preference for phone calls over other forms of leads. He noted that phone calls offer direct communication with clients, allowing him to understand their needs and schedule appointments immediately. The recording feature of phone calls is particularly beneficial, as it enables Wade to revisit and review the conversation for any missed information.

The success story of ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service, propelled by the exclusive tree care marketing from TLT, underscores the profound impact that such collaborations can have on the tree care industry. The company’s remarkable growth and efficiency exemplify the benefits of working with experts in the field.

For more information about ArborTech Tree & Landscaping Service contact Patrick Wade at 804-201-4948 or [email protected].

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