Ortery Launches an Office Photo Machine

A Content Creation Tool for Business Communication

Office Photo Machine

Ortery Launches an Office Photo Machine. Take a look inside!

IRVINE, Calif. - December 6, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Imagine if anyone, regardless of experience, could walk up to a machine and create professional content for business communication including website use, social media, product development, quality control and eCommerce all done with a push of a button. 

Drawing inspiration from a copier machine, Ortery's Office Photo Machine (OPM) captures and shares information about objects with all the simplicity people have come to expect from a 2D copy machine. Clearer communication can be achieved through capturing and sharing interactive 360 product views, colorful photos, and 3D videos.

The result of 21 years of development, the OPM is a software-controlled 3D photo/video studio that integrates 10 dimmable light sources, a patented 4-axis camera movement system (automated tilt, zoom, and flyover control), and a patented bottom-lit 360 turntable. Featuring both Walk-Up and Creative modes, users simply place an item inside and click Snap to create flyover videos and professional still, 360 and 3D imagery from every angle on natural, pure white, and transparent backgrounds.

The Walk-Up mode offers presets that take care of everything. With the Creative mode, users can control every aspect of the photography process. "The OPM allows companies to bring product photography in-house to both accelerate and enhance business communication in a secure environment," said Sam Shearer, Managing Director of Ortery Technologies. 

Often the difference between professional photography/videography and amateur work is the lighting. The OPM starts by providing consistent, even lighting for accurate color. For precise lighting control, it uses thousands of high-quality 95+ CRI LEDs organized into 10 separate light sources that can be dimmed individually. 

Simply place an item inside and compose using the touchscreen monitor with a live preview of zoom, crop, and exposure commands in the software. Pressing one button, the digital content is automatically captured and downloaded to the computer for viewing, saving, and sharing. Shoot objects up to 18.9 x 18.9 x 14.2" (48 x 48 x 36cm) for still shots and 15 x 15 x 13" (38 x 38 x 33cm) for 360/3D animations with a maximum weight of 70lbs (32kg) for all applications. 

For more information, visit Ortery technologies at https://www.ortery.com.

Ortery Technologies is the industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of professional product photography solutions that automate in-house photography and video production. 

Contact Information:
Matthew Walsh
Marketing Associate
[email protected]
(949) 859-5580

Samuel Shearer
Managing Director
[email protected]
(949) 859-5580

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