Opening a new chapter in global business investment

VIVIDA Capital anniversary event

Mr. Victoria Sinclair giving a speech on stage

Vivida Capital Limited was co-founded by a group of outstanding entrepreneurs and scholars from different countries wanting to provide investment opportunities

British Vivida Capital Co., Ltd. is an international capital holding company in the UK, engaged in venture capital, resource sharing, entrepreneurial incubation, private equity investment”

— Jingyu Wang

COVENTRY, WEST MIDLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM, January 31, 2024 / — London, 31 January— Vivida Capital Limited recently celebrated its eighth anniversary and hosted a membership induction ceremony in the first quarter of 2024, garnering widespread attention. Headquartered in the UK, Vivida Capital has become a notable player in the global business investment field, showcasing significant potential and strength.

Founded by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and scholars from various countries, Vivida Capital Limited aims to provide investment opportunities and value enhancement for member units. The company has experienced rapid growth in a short span due to its unique business model and extensive international partnerships.

Mr. Jingyu Wang, one of the founders and a key figure in the business community, leads Vivida Capital. The company’s success has been driven by the collaboration of outstanding entrepreneurs, academics, and investors, fostering its successful development.

The addition of new industry elites during the ceremony has brought valuable expertise and resources to Vivida Capital, further enhancing the company’s investment strength and market influence.

Distinguished guests, including Wei Li, Alexander Blackwood, Jiale Qian, Victoria Sinclair, Robert, Yixing Rong, Yang, Benjamin Harrington, Olivia Kensington, Sebastian Montgomery, and others, shared insights on exploring globalization in their respective industries. Topics covered chamber of commerce operations, investment consulting, enterprise localization transformation, finance and insurance, technology, retail, commerce, hotels, and more, providing participants with a rich information feast on future development.

Vivida Capital Limited is dedicated to exploring global business investment opportunities, offering investors a diversified portfolio through venture capital, resource sharing, entrepreneurial incubation, private equity investment, and auction activities. With over US$7 billion in managed assets, Vivida Capital has delivered substantial investment returns to its members.

Beyond business investments, Vivida prioritizes social responsibility, actively promoting public welfare through charity donations and material contributions. To date, the company has donated over US$30 million, focusing on environmental protection, community development, disaster area construction, and humanistic care.

In a significant announcement during the event, Vivida Capital revealed the formal implementation of global investment strategies and the registration and establishment of Vivida Capital Co., Ltd. This strategic move aims to expand investment areas and partner networks, presenting more opportunities and benefits to global investors.

The industry has taken notice of Vivida Capital’s successful transformation and global development plans. The company’s commitment to openness, innovation, and cooperation positions it as a key player in the global business investment field. As Vivida Capital continues to expand and strengthen its cooperation, the story of this brand is poised for continued success.

Investors and partners associated with Vivida Capital are eager to witness the business’s future development. Vivida Capital remains dedicated to upholding the spirit of openness, innovation, and cooperation, promising more exciting investment opportunities for its stakeholders.

Jingyu Wang
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