New Holiday Music Guide Released From Soundtrack Your Brand

Pro Tips and playlists for businesses preparing the perfect sound to ring in this holiday season.

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This year, businesses have renewed opportunities to welcome holiday customers with meaningful, in-person experiences. Music plays a key role in creating festive environments and Soundtrack Your Brand's new holiday music guide helps, especially as businesses prepare for the run-up to Black Friday.

Years of research indicate that playing the right music at just the right moment elevates consumer buying around the holiday season; they spend more time and money, increasing brand loyalty. Additionally, aligning music selections can significantly impact employee engagement and attitude. Soundtrack Your Brand helps businesses with curated playlists that capture their audiences throughout the day, including mixing holiday music with non-holiday tracks that employees will enjoy, whether the early morning set-up crew or evening closing team. 

Check out Soundtrack's Guide to optimize playing Christmas music in your business, plus a list of the most popular Holiday playlists.

"In selecting holiday playlists, it's critical to focus on your brand's core demographics," noted Ola Sars, Soundtrack Your Brand Founder & CEO. "We've found it's important to consider the music insights of people ringing sales, restocking shelves, or waiting tables. Businesses who prioritize the happiness and well-being of their employees, as well as their customers, will enjoy the benefits."

Identifying music that creates a bond with consumers can be complicated and time consuming. The new holiday guide from Soundtrack Your Brand shares helpful tips around choosing the right playlists and alternating Christmas music schedules with non-holiday selections.

Explore curated business playlists to help create the perfect holiday experience.

With Soundtrack's easy-to-use music streaming solution, businesses ranging from retail shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, spas, airports and offices have access to the largest on-demand music library cleared for commercial use. 

Soundtrack Your Brand customers don't have to stress about sound recording rights to cover their business use as it's fully licensed through their subscription. With millions of songs and a thousand playlists, Soundtrack's subscriptions provide important incremental revenue for music creators.

Benefits include:

  • A music catalog of 98 million tracks, fully licensed for business use  
  • Made for business features, ranging from day part scheduling to explicit lyric filters
  • Easy access and controls to help businesses create the signature sound for their brands during the holidays and all year long

Soundtrack Your Brand incorporates AI technologies and the controls businesses need, for worry-free background and overhead music throughout their operational hours. Soundtrack's music streaming platform provides peace of mind so busy companies can focus on delighting their shoppers and guests. "Our goal is to help businesses leverage the power of music to enhance customer experiences and increase sales this holiday season," shared Lisa Farris, Soundtrack Your Brand CMO.

About Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand helps thousands of businesses strengthen relationships with customers through music. Combining expert curation and world-class tech, Soundtrack Your Brand provides a beautiful, all-in-one solution for streaming music to stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial settings. Soundtrack Your Brand was founded in 2013 by Ola Sars as a joint effort with Spotify, as Spotify for Business. Soundtrack Your Brand is the world's fastest-growing B2B music streaming service. Clients include iconic brands such as McDonald's, Lululemon,  Uniqlo, Joe & The Juice, Aesop, and Tag Heuer, to name a few. Learn more at and follow on social media @soundtrackyourbrand.

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