Nation’s First and Only Real-Time Child Care Technology Platform Named Among Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative’

TOOTRiS technology enables employers to seamlessly offer Child Care Benefits to their workforce while bringing parents to the doorstep of affordable licensed programs and increasing the supply of child care providers nationwide

TOOTRiS Child Care On-Demand

Largest Child Care Platform in the Country

Today, TOOTRiS Child Care On-Demand was named to Fast Company's 2023 Top 10 "Most Innovative Companies" list for Business Services. The San Diego-based technology company has revolutionized Child Care as the first and only platform that allows parents, providers, and employers to connect and transact on a unified platform, in real-time. 

Founded in September 2019 by Alessandra Lezama, a single mom who migrated to the U.S. and then quickly climbed the ranks in the tech industry, TOOTRiS has become the largest Child Care tech-enabled service provider in the country with nearly 200,000 state-licensed providers across all 50 states. The innovative technology enables more parents — especially women — to participate and equitably advance in the workforce. The platform also empowers Child Care businesses to thrive while helping employers seamlessly incorporate Child Care Benefits to attract and retain top talent, maximizing their ROI. 

"While countless industries use technology to advance and stay up with the times, Child Care has been left behind, stuck in the past, in a system that never worked. All that changes now," said Lezama, TOOTRiS CEO and select member of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood

And it couldn't come at a better time. According to a recent ReadyNation study, the nation's Child Crisis now costs $122 billion annually in lost earnings, productivity, and revenue — double the 2018 costs of $57 billion. The report found that 85% of parents say Child Care challenges are cutting into their work hours and productivity, with 58% missing a full day of work.  

It's no wonder that there's been a sudden shift in the past two years to get employee Child Care benefits jump-started in the United States. In particular, the benefits have "taken off" in the automotive and aviation industries where employees work varying schedules and need Child Care options to make it into work. Now, it is an arms race for the manufacturing industry as the U.S. Department of Commerce just offered up a $39 billion-dollar piggy bank via the CHIPS Act to semiconductor companies that are able to prove they currently offer or have a plan in the works to offer Child Care to their employees. The writing is on the wall, and all roads lead to finding real Child Care solutions. 

"Providing real solutions to a broken system is what drives me and our entire team at TOOTRiS," Lezama added. "As a company, we are fortunate to be hitting our stride at a time when major decision makers are realizing the value of quality, affordable Child Care because it doesn't just impact today's parents, it impacts the next generation of workers as well." 

Since 2008, Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies has been the definitive source for recognizing the organizations that are transforming industries and shaping society, from the largest companies in the world to small startups with just a few employees. With innovation more important than ever this year, Fast Company is looking forward to recognizing the organizations that are moving the world forward. 

Founder Alessandra Lezama will be honored at the Most Innovative Companies Honoree Dinner at the Hall des Lumières in New York City on April 19. Learn more and browse competitive Child Care On-Demand options at

About TOOTRiS: 

TOOTRiS is the nation's largest, most comprehensive Child Care platform, with more than 200,000 licensed providers, making access to care convenient, affordable, and on-demand. TOOTRiS' unique technology unifies key stakeholders, enabling employers to provide fully managed Child Care Benefits, so their workforce has the flexibility and family support they need while organizations seek to increase productivity and their ROI. Through the platform, TOOTRiS also helps parents and providers connect and transact in real-time, empowering working parents to secure quality Child Care while allowing providers to unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. 

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