Loop & Tie Launches Brand Collections to Connect Small Businesses to Corporate Gifting Budgets

The regenerative model also introduces customers to new brands and creates an unforgettable gifting experience

Loop & Tie

Corporate gifting with Loop & Tie

AUSTIN, Texas - January 4, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

Loop & Tie, a sustainable corporate gifting platform, has announced the launch of Brand Collections, new, thoughtfully curated gift assortments from a single company or influencer. Debuting with Brand Collections from Lord JonesFempower Beauty3.1 Phillip LimOstrichpillowJiggyBareboneswest~bourne and Surfside Succulents, as well as influencers including Sophia Li and Natty Style, each gift collection is intentionally designed to highlight the brand or influencer's most adored products.

"Loop & Tie has reimagined gift sourcing and giving practices by creating an approach that supports not just our growth, but the growth of anyone in our ecosystem," said MK Getler, CMO of Loop & Tie. "Consumers and corporations are exerting more intentionality and thoughtfulness through and with their budgets. This commitment to placing more purpose behind their purchase is an opportunity for us to connect that corporate spending power with our favorite emerging brands and tastemakers. Together we can curate corporate gift collections with interesting and beautiful products to create meaningful experiences." 

Loop & Tie's new model iterates on their ongoing disruption of the traditions held in corporate gifting by using its platform to connect independent creators, makers, artisans and trendsetters with capital from corporate gifting budgets. By highlighting products from companies that are supporting local economies and making a social impact, Loop & Tie continues to reimagine ways to support small businesses by expanding their brand reach, fueling their growth, and delivering on their mission.

The carbon-regenerative gifting platform aims to continue growing their venture by identifying new partners, brands, and influencers whose dynamic products and platforms also give back to their respective communities. If you are a company or influencer interested in creating a custom gift collection that features your brand's products or favorite gifts, fill out Loop & Tie's vendor form here. To explore Loop & Tie's new Brand Collections and start sending great gifts that give back, visit loopandtie.com or follow on LinkedInInstagram or Facebook.

About Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie is the first and only carbon regenerative corporate gifting platform, enabling direct mail and gifting programs businesses can feel good about. Focused on sustainability at scale, Loop & Tie marketplace gifts are selected to bring corporate gifting budgets to small and artisan makers, women-, BIPOC- and minority-owned businesses, and companies making a positive impact on environmental sustainability issues. Founded in 2017, Loop & Tie is privately held and headquartered in Austin, TX, with a fully remote, global workforce.


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