Intflow’s AI Agriculture Technology to Receive 2024 CES Innovation Award

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It’s the AI technology that earns extra $500K per a year for pig farmers, and it’s set to receive the 2024 CES Innovation Award.

digital transformation in livestock management is no longer optional; it’s an absolute necessity.”

— Dr. Jeon

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2024 / — It’s the AI technology that earns extra $500K per a year for pig farmers, and it’s set to receive the 2024 CES Innovation Award.

In a significant shift from traditional methods, pig farms are now leveraging advanced technology to optimize feeding practices and reduce costs. Dr. Kwang-Myung Jeon, CEO of Intflow, a pioneering agricultural tech company, has made a substantial impact with the introduction of ‘EdgeFarm‘, an AI-based unmanned livestock solution.

Traditionally depicted with abundant feeders, pig farms face the challenge of not knowing the exact feed consumption per pig, leading to substantial waste. According to Jeon, “Most farms waste an average of 35kg of feed per pig annually, unable to predict the correct amount of feed for each animal. With EdgeFarm, however, a farm housing 6,000 pigs can save about $200K in feed costs annually.”

Intflow’s achievements have not gone unnoticed in the broader tech community. The company was recently invited as a representative domestic company to the Global Digital Agriculture Forum, focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. In recognition of its innovative approach in the field of digital agriculture, Intflow is set to receive the prestigious ‘CES Innovation Award’ at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a landmark event in the IT industry.

In the past three years, AI has become smarter through the observation of 1 million pigs

South Korean pig farms are embracing cutting-edge technology with Intflow’s EdgeFarm, an AI-powered system that utilizes traditional IP camera and video analytics to revolutionize livestock management. By monitoring factors like count, weight, activity levels, feeding amounts, and even abnormal behaviors, EdgeFarm tackles key challenges faced by pig farmers, from disease control to shipping optimization.

The threat of contagious diseases like African Swine Fever looms large over pig farms, with an estimated 4.48 million pigs succumbing to infectious diseases annually, representing a staggering 25.7% of total production. Traditionally, visual identification of sick pigs by farm workers was the primary means of disease detection, a reactive approach often leading to rapid spread after animals show visible signs of illness.

EdgeFarm changes the game by enabling proactive disease control. CEO Jeon, the developer of EdgeFarm, explains, “Our system continuously monitors individual pigs, detecting subtle changes in behavior, weight, and feeding patterns that might indicate early signs of illness. This allows for swift isolation of at-risk animals, preventing outbreaks before they even begin.”

Another major benefit of EdgeFarm lies in its streamlining of routine tasks. Weighing pigs, typically a time-consuming and labor-intensive process requiring 2-3 workers, becomes effortlessly efficient. EdgeFarm leverages AI to compare each pig to a standard body shape and weight, eliminating the need for physical scales. This method boasts an impressive 98.2% accuracy rate, tested on a massive dataset of 180,000 pigs.

The system’s learning capabilities are a testament to its continuous improvement. By analyzing video footage of millions of pigs, EdgeFarm constantly refines its algorithms, becoming increasingly adept at identifying health concerns and optimizing farm operations. With over 400 CCTVs installed across 50 farms nationwide, including Japan, Spain, and even Ireland, EdgeFarm’s impact is steadily expanding.

Accessibility is further enhanced by the system’s affordability. As CEO Jeon points out, “With a low-cost solution subscription fee of 50 cent per pig, the initial investment is minimal for farms. This makes EdgeFarm an attractive option for many businesses.” Moreover, the potential return on investment is substantial. Implementing EdgeFarm in a farm with 6,000 pigs and an annual revenue of $15.3 million is estimated to generate an additional $500K in profits annually.

Intflow’s EdgeFarm represents a significant leap forward in pig farm management. By harnessing the power of AI, the system tackles critical challenges like disease control and operational efficiency, paving the way for a healthier and more profitable future for the South Korean pig farming industry.

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Global agricultural experts and scholars attracted attention.

About Intflow

Intflow, a rising star in Korean digital agriculture, made waves at the prestigious Digital Agriculture Solutions Forum 2023 for Asia and the Pacific (DASF) held in Bangkok this September. Dr. Jeon, took center stage to present his company’s revolutionary EdgeFarm solution, captivating a high-profile audience with its innovative approach to livestock management. platform promises comprehensive control over farm ventilation, temperature, feed supply, and even biosecurity information, creating a truly smart and efficient ecosystem.

“With the alarming statistic showing that over 43% of Korean farm households are now managed by individuals aged 65 and over,” Dr. Jeon emphasizes, “digital transformation in livestock management is no longer optional; it’s an absolute necessity.” Intflow’s EdgeFarm and Integrated Farm Platform stand as powerful solutions to this impending challenge, not only in Korea but potentially across the globe.

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