Innovation Refunds Receives 10 TITAN Business Awards

Innovation Refunds Co-Founder & CEO Receives Platinum Executive of the Year Honors

TITAN Business Awards has recognized Innovation Refunds for 10 individual awards qualifying for Platinum and Gold status, highlighting the brand's service, disruption, growth and position as an industry leader. Innovation Refunds, the champion of small and medium-sized businesses committed to democratizing access to government-funded capital, received awards for both the organization, as well as for Howard Makler, co-founder and CEO of the company. 

This year's TITAN Business Awards submissions included 1,100 nominated entries across 56 countries. The organization was formed with the sole mission of acknowledging the achievements of entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide.  

"The recognition we received by TITAN Business Award is a testament to the will and effort our company's staff commit on behalf of businesses in America," said Innovation Refunds Co-Founder and CEO, Howard Makler. "Customer experience is at the core of our values. This service, and a dedicated education to small and medium-sized businesses, are what has allowed us to help over 17,000 companies in America receive government-funded access capital. Being awarded by TITAN Business Awards further motivates our company to continue to help support growth across businesses in this country."  

Awards Innovation Refunds received are as follows: 

Platinum Winners: 
- Customer Service of the Year (Financial Services industry) 
- Executive of the Year: Howard Makler 

Gold Winners: 
- Entrepreneur of the Year: Howard Makler 
- Business Development Achievement (Financial Services) 
- Achievement in Customer Service  
- Best Customer Service Strategy  
- Business Of the Year (Company & Organization) 
- Business Of the Year (Financial Services) 
- Inspiring Leadership of the Year (Financial Services) 
- Inspiring Leadership of the Year (Management / Leadership) 

About Innovation Refunds 

Innovation Refunds connects small and medium-sized businesses to a network of tax attorneys and licensed tax professionals who provide services and solutions related to government stimulus. By combining people with technology, we have created a secure environment and frictionless customer experience, empowering business owners to focus on the growth and management of their business. Innovation Refunds has helped U.S. small businesses access more than $4 billion in tax credits. Learn more about Innovation Refunds by visiting, and stay connected on LinkedIn

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IAA's mission is to honor, promote and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry appropriate. IAA assembled the TITAN Business Awards to bring attention to the international business industry and promote their strategies, cultures, and teamwork to the world. 

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Contact Information:
Mireille Rosselli
Vice President, Corporate Communications, Innovation Refunds
[email protected]
(201) 787-8943

Original Source: Innovation Refunds Receives 10 TITAN Business Awards
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