Hyper Cloud, the Center of Korea’s Smart Tourism City Development Business, Launches a Tourism App ‘Touch Suwon’

CYPRESS, Calif. - November 21, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Suwon is one of the major cities in Korea that succeeded in promoting smart tourism city projects in advance.

In 2021, Suwon aimed to launch a tourism app (launched on July 22 under the name of Touch Suwon) that is a new AR/VR technology for domestic and overseas tourists worth 7 billion won. And as the one in charge of XR content, Hyper Cloud took the role of developing all AR/VR content.

Hyper Cloud has developed an immersive XR realistic guide and an XR docent tour supported in four languages for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage "Suwon Hwaseong." Though not released in the app yet, it is noteworthy that Hyper Cloud has built it as a single integrated app by plug-in AR/VR content when it is difficult to unify the development environment of existing general apps and AR/VR function apps.

Currently, Touch Suwon App has accumulated 100,000 downloads and 12,000 subscribers.

Hyper Cloud, which proved its potential in the AR/VR content market, was selected as the XR content director of the 7 billion won project to build a smart tourism city platform in Gyeongju from 2022 to 2023, signaling the expansion of participation in the nation's smart tourism city business and future corporate development.

In addition, by overseeing the development of XR content in the Gangnam Smart Dulle-gil project in Seoul in 2022, XR content in the existing "The Gangnam" app will be integrated into plug-ins to showcase a unique XT event experience for the revival of the commercial district in November.

Hyper Cloud has completed technology cooperation with global AR glass manufacturers in preparation for the upcoming AR glass market beyond the current AR/VR content market for mobile targets.


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Original Source: Hyper Cloud, the Center of Korea's Smart Tourism City Development Business, Launches a Tourism App 'Touch Suwon'
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