How the Glasgow based company is transforming the vehicle leasing industry

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The inspiration behind online lease comparison site LeaseLoco and how the brand continues to revolutionise the vehicle leasing industry for their customers.

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM, August 23, 2023/ — LeaseLoco, the UK’s leading car leasing comparison site, continues to revolutionise the vehicle leasing industry across the UK. Established by John Wilmot in 2017 with his vision to simplify the vehicle leasing process, LeaseLoco offers millions of deals from over 70 providers, ensuring that customers have access to the best leasing options available.

Described as your “leasing compadre”, LeaseLoco is not just about providing deals; it’s about offering value. The unique LocoScore algorithm rates every lease deal out of 100, giving customers insight into the best value deals. This dynamic scoring system is tailored to the customers’ individual requirements and provides real-time comparisons based on all available deals.

LeaseLoco’s innovative platform also breaks down the differences in specifications between each trim on a vehicle, allowing customers to make more informed decisions. With over 7.7 million lease deals live and ready to go on site, LeaseLoco is the go-to platform for those looking to lease a vehicle, from as little as £150 per month.

“Our aim was to create a site that removes the hassle and the time-consuming nature of finding a good lease deal online,” says John Wilmot, founder and CEO of LeaseLoco.

“In the past, customers looking for their next lease car have been met with complicated search methods and a lack of clarity on whether the lease deals on offer are good value or not. LeaseLoco has put the power back into the hands of the consumer, allowing them to find the best lease deals that meet their exact needs all in one place, quickly and efficiently. We’re also proud of our unique ‘LocoScore’ algorithm, which has enabled our customers to understand whether they’re getting a great deal on their next lease car at a glance.”

For those unfamiliar, car leasing is a rental agreement that allows individuals to have a vehicle for an agreed period, typically two to four years, in exchange for fixed monthly payments. This method often provides a more affordable way to drive desired vehicles without the concerns of depreciation and road tax, which is covered by the leasing company. At the end of the agreement, the lease company will give your car a quick inspection, factoring mileage in fair wear and tear, then you simply hand it back to them.

In addition to their leasing services, LeaseLoco offers rewards for their loyal customers. For instance, customers can earn a £20 Amazon voucher when they lease a car through LeaseLoco. Moreover, the “Refer a friend” program allows customers to earn £20 Amazon vouchers for every friend they invite who goes on to lease through the platform.

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