How Stirling CBD is Helping an Elite Crossfit Athlete Excel in Her Craft

Why should more athletes consider adding CBD to their pain management routines?

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Athletes commonly deal with body aches and sore muscles. A whopping 74.5% of athletes suffer from some form of consistent pain. Prevalent pain, if left untreated, can lead to chronic pain. More than 50 million people in the country alone deal with body pain lasting more than three months.

This plight of sore muscles and body aches led one CrossFit athlete, Jennifer Armour, to search for alternative solutions to managing pain.

Crossfit and CBD

Jennifer's love for Crossfit is what led her to discover CBD products. As an athlete, she often experiences sore muscles due to the high-intensity workouts involved in CrossFit. There are instances when traditional methods could not treat the pain she felt. The pain would hamper not only her workout regimen—but also her day-to-day activities.

She tried all available pain-alleviation methods known in the market, but none fully eased the tension in her muscles. Even the latest mechanical massagers sold online could not thoroughly remove the stiffness she felt around her arms, legs, and core area.

A close friend, who was also using CBD, introduced her to Stirling CBD. This fortunate encounter led her to discover the myriad health benefits of cannabinoid-based products beyond just pain relief. She also learned about the possible positive effects of CBD in boosting energy levels and the immune system.

How CBD Products Help Her Do CrossFit Better

In an interview with her favorite CBD company, she mentioned that CBD helps her recover from workouts much faster. "I recover from workouts much quicker and can be at 100% the next day," said Jennifer.

Aside from helping her cope with back and body aches, she also found that other CBD products could push her to do more daily tasks. With her mind less distracted by her aching muscles, she could think clearer and do things she normally wouldn't do after workouts.

Besides improving her workout time, Jennifer also experiences faster relief for her back, core, and leg muscles. Before, she'd have to rest for a while and do less strenuous tasks to avoid straining her muscles. The quick CBD action gives her time to do heavier chores even after a long workout session.

Jennifer's Routine and the CBD Products She Recommends

Jennifer starts her day with CBD capsules. The CBD compounds in the capsules can help prep her muscles for her day. She recommends Stirling's CBD capsules for recovery. She finds that the CBD and CBG combo, along with Gloucosimne and Chondroitin, readies her body better than other brands.

After each workout, she applies a CBD lotion to soothe any aching part of her body. She finds that CBD lotions and gels work better on her than other pain balms and even some over-the-counter prescriptions. Her go-to CBD lotion is Stirling's Muscle Gel, which pairs the power of CBD with a long-standing body ache reliever - menthol. 

For her nighttime routine, she likes taking CBD gummies before bed. She said it helps her relax and sleep better at night. Her favorite sleep gummy is Stirling's Delta 8 sleep gummies. These sleep gummies, she says, calm her mind and allow her to have a peaceful night's sleep.

When asked if she'd ever remove CBD products from her routine in the future, she responded with a quick "no." CBD has become more than an additive to her daily activities. It is now a vital part of her day, and she can't imagine replacing them. For Jennifer, CBD products work like a charm; she doesn't see the need to change something that's not broken.

About Stirling CBD

Founded in 2014 in Santa Cruz, California, as a premium cannabis flower company, Stirling launched its first CBD products in 2018. Stirling continues to lead in new product innovation and quality and sells a full lineup of Hemp-Based CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC Products. In addition, Stirling launched its Professional Brand - Stirling Professional CBD - which is sold exclusively to Chiropractors, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes, PTs, and Massage Therapists.

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