How Burglars Choose Homes to Target

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iQuanti: What makes a burglar decide to target one home over another? Believe it or not, there are certain things that burglars look for when choosing a victim. If you know what these factors are, you can take steps to protect your home and keep yourself and your family safe. We will discuss the factors burglars look for when deciding which home to rob and how you can make your home less appealing to criminals and keep them from targeting you.

Risk Factor 1: Poorly Secured Entry Points

One of the first things burglars look for is how easy it would be to break into a home. If your doors and windows are not secured with deadbolts or tamper-proof locks, you may be an easier target. Make sure all your exterior doors and ground-level windows have sturdy locks installed to make them harder for criminals to access. Motion sensor lights placed around the perimeter of your home is also a great way to deter criminals because they will light up if anyone approaches the house, alerting you and potentially scaring away burglars. 

Risk Factor 2: Absence of Security Systems

Burglars also like homes that don't have indoor security camera systems or other surveillance systems in place. Installing home security systems, especially those with professional monitoring, can make your home less attractive to criminals because they know that their actions are being monitored. If you don't want to install indoor security cameras, consider installing outdoor security cameras and placing signs around your property that indicate that your home is being monitored by a surveillance system. 

Risk Factor 3: Unoccupied Homes 

It's important to remember that burglars also look for homes where it appears that the occupants are away from their residence for extended periods of time. Make sure your home looks "lived in" by routinely mowing the lawn, leaving lights on or placing them on a timer when you go out at night, and having newspaper and mail deliveries stopped while you're away. It may also be wise to invest in an alarm system with motion sensors so that if someone does try to break into your home, you will be alerted immediately. 

Risk Factor 4: Valuables in Plain Sight

Finally, burglars often target homes that appear to have expensive items in plain sight. Make sure any valuable items like jewelry or electronics are not visible from the street, and keep your curtains closed when you're away. It may also be wise to invest in a home safe to store important documents and other valuables. 

When Burglars are Most Active 

Burglaries tend to occur more frequently between the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM, during the summer months and during the holiday season when the occupants of a home are more likely to be away.  

It's important to be extra vigilant when it comes to safeguarding your home during these periods. Take steps to make sure all windows and doors are secure and install security cameras and alarm systems with mobile apps so you can monitor your property while you're away. And remember to keep your home looking "lived in" by mowing the lawn regularly or asking someone else to do it for you while you're away.

By understanding the factors that make your home a target for burglars, you can better prepare and take proactive measures that will make your home less appealing to criminals. Investing in security systems and other home security measures can help protect you and your family from intruders looking to take advantage of vulnerable targets. Be sure to stay informed about the latest crime trends in your area and invest in security solutions that provide 24/7 monitoring so you can sleep soundly knowing that your home is safe.

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