HouseLogic: 5 Compelling Reasons to Remodel a Bathroom

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Deciding whether to update a bathroom to a more modern, appealing space is a big decision. Remodels can be costly and cause households to go weeks or months without the use of a primary bathroom. Given the time and financial investment, homeowners need to consider both the costs of a bathroom remodel and the benefits of moving forward before taking the plunge. Here are five great reasons to get started. 

#1 Improve Accessibility

The bathroom structure should change to meet the needs of the people who use the space. For example, parents of young children might need to install a tub to accommodate bath time. Older adults or people with limited mobility might benefit from a larger shower, lower barrier to entry, wider door frame, shower seat, higher toilet or a grab bar. Anyone with children or older adults in the home should also consider no-slip bathroom flooring to prevent accidents. 

#2 Add Space and Storage 

So many everyday essentials live in the bathroom — toiletries, cleaning products, medicine, beauty products, and more. Adding storage and space is a way to accommodate it all without feeling cluttered.

Homeowners can make their bathrooms physically larger — or seem physically larger — by taking over space from a nearby closet or hallway, reconfiguring the space to improve the room's flow or simply reimagining the paint and lighting. Adding a dual sink, a closet or a larger medicine cabinet can also increase storage capacity. 

#3 Increase Home Value

Potential buyers may see a bathroom that needs a remodel as a costly, time-consuming drawback, which could prevent them from making an offer on a property. And while a renovated bathroom doesn't always add the amount of the renovation to the home value, simple fixes and upgrades can reduce buyers' hesitancy. Timely updates can also prevent costly damage that would have to be addressed at the time of sale. 

#4 Go Eco-Friendly

As eco-friendly and green home design becomes more popular, some homeowners are ready to renovate their way to green. Installing eco-friendly fixtures like a low-flow shower, sink, and toilet is good for the environment and can save money on utilities. In addition, homeowners looking to update their floors have access to eco-friendly tile options. Add in energy-saving light fixtures and the bathroom can quickly turn into the most efficient room in the house.

#5 Create an Oasis 

The bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind. But if the space has gone decades without an upgrade, it might leave homeowners feeling like it's more drab than fab. While a major overhaul can certainly give a bathroom that spa-like feel, even minor enhancements like fresh paint or new fixtures can change the style of the bathroom while making it feel more usable and functional.

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