Great Oaks Tree Service Creates a Charity to Fight Breast Cancer As They Expand Thanks to Partnership with TLT

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA, November 2, 2023 / — Tree Leads Today (TLT), a frontrunner in the realm of tree care marketing, has once again demonstrated its transformative potential by propelling Great Oaks Tree Service into a thriving and expansive arborist enterprise. Owned by Jorge Noriega, Great Oaks Tree Service, based in Madison, WI, serves the entirety of Dane County, including Madison, McFarland, and Monona. With a commitment to precision, promptness, and unwavering community dedication, TLT’s exclusive leads have played a pivotal role in catapulting Great Oaks Tree Service’s growth and reach.

Jorge Noriega, the visionary owner of Great Oaks Tree Service, reflects on his journey, saying, “Thanks to our partnership with Tree Leads Today, we’ve achieved unprecedented growth and expansion. Our commitment to excellence and the communities we serve has never been stronger.”

Since joining forces with Tree Leads Today, Great Oaks Tree Service has witnessed a meteoric rise. The impact of exclusive leads from TLT has enabled them to purchase grapple trucks, expand their operation, and keep a bustling sales team and additional crews. TLT’s strategic approach to tree care marketing has played a pivotal role in achieving this substantial growth within just a few years.

One of the key aspects that Jorge Noriega values about Tree Leads Today is their partnership mentality. He shares, “My TLT client manager, Debbi, works with me at length to do precise brainstorming to target the very best areas. Debbi collaborates with my team and I to discuss and analyze exactly what areas to target and which to avoid in order to bring on greatest success. With Debbi’s expertise on factors such as demographics of our territory paired with my expertise on my local area in regards to factors such as areas near congested cities where there are not many trees or challenging access for larger equipment, we are a winning team. Together, we map out our zip code sequence by proximity to maximize our time efficiency in regards to travel time and expenses. Debbi provides us with information to make wll-informed decisions and truly strategize and this has had a monumental impact on our bottom line.”

The growth witnessed by Great Oaks Tree Service since their partnership with TLT is astounding. The business has seen a surge of at least 40%, and the demand for their services has necessitated the addition of new crews and employees.

The exclusive leads provided by TLT have been instrumental in establishing Great Oaks Tree Service as a mainstay in their territory. The fact that customers are connected directly to the branded tree service in their area sets them apart from local tree care competitors. A dedicated team handles the substantial volume of calls that TLT delivers, ensuring that customers reach a live person and their estimate can be scheduled immediately. This commitment to immediate response and service has been a game-changer in the local tree care industry.

Great Oaks Tree Service’s distinction in the market extends beyond their promptness and arborist expertise. Jorge Noriega, owner of the company, has extended his commitment to the community by launching a charity named Hilavi on October 2, 2023. This charity is dedicated to assisting individuals battling breast cancer and other forms of cancer who are facing financial hardships.

Jorge Noriega’s dedication to this cause stems from personal experiences with breast cancer in his family, including the loss of his wife’s grandmother and his mother. Their journey through these challenging times has inspired Jorge to give back and help others in their fight against breast cancer, embodying the spirit of community and compassion.

The story of Great Oaks Tree Service exemplifies the transformative potential of tree care marketing when executed strategically and with a dedicated commitment to the community. Tree Leads Today’s exclusive leads have provided the essential impetus for Great Oaks Tree Service to become a thriving arborist enterprise while making a meaningful impact on the community.

Jorge Noriega concludes, “We are grateful to Tree Leads Today for their partnership and their role in transforming our vision into a thriving arborist enterprise that serves our community in more ways than we ever imagined.”

About Tree Leads Today:

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