Giants Tempur-Pedic & Sleep Number Battle For Luxury Bed Consumers

Tempur-Pedic Luxe Breeze- sleep up to 10 degrees cooler!

Exclusive Anniversary Edition X10 Number Bed

Exclusive Anniversary Edition X10 Number Bed

Personal Comfort Number Bed- #1 Rated Number Bed in USA!

The Ultra-Premium Sleep Category is Hyper Competitive – and Today’s Luxury Buyers are Becoming Increasingly Educated as to the Differences Between Brands

Personal Comfort is the highest rated number bed in America on Trust Pilot and also provides better warranty coverage than Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic.”

— Don DePaulis, President Relax in Comfort

ORLANDO , FL, USA, July 7, 2023/ — Most Americans have heard of Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number beds, but these famous brands have left consumers wondering which option would best suit their needs. In conducting our research, we interviewed Don DePaulis, a 2nd generation specialty sleep operator with decades of experience within the specialty sleep & wellness business. With over 40 years of industry knowledge, Mr. DePaulis began the interview by stating “I have evaluated and tested every major type of specialty sleep surface on the planet. As of July 2023, there are three outstanding producers of specialty sleep mattresses: Sleep Number, Personal Comfort (both number beds) and Tempur-Pedic. Since Sleep Number is only sold in their 600+ corporate stores, where they control pricing and promotions with no competition within their brand, I have found Personal Comfort to offer a better value in the number bed category. Tempur-Pedic is sold primarily by thousands of local mattress shoppes, department stores, and a handful of Flagship corporate stores. Furthermore, Tempur-Pedic is recognized by J.D. Power for stellar customer satisfaction.”

Since both Sleep Number & Personal Comfort produce similar number beds, they will be considered together for this review – contrasted to Tempur-Pedic as the leader among visco-elastic material (memory foam) mattresses. While all three offer excellent products and offer the consumer long-lasting value, each category has its own unique characteristics. Let’s review their differences so you can better decide which type of system is better for your needs.

Temperature Regulation During Sleep:

Tempur-Pedic: Some people find that memory foam mattresses retain heat, potentially causing discomfort or sleep fragmentation during sleep. However, Tempur-Pedic has introduced the Breeze Collection which sleeps up to 10 degrees cooler, over an 8-hour sleeping period. This advanced system of cooling technologies in the Breeze Collection models were designed to address this concern.

Number Beds: Number beds do not inherently retain heat as they utilize air chambers. However, the level of temperature regulation may depend on the type of internal comfort layer material used. DePaulis further commented, “Copper Infused Energex foam used in the Rejuvenation Series by Personal Comfort provides nearly twice the amount of air flow of traditional memory foam and becomes more resilient when exposed to body heat.”

Adjustability and Customization:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic beds are not adjustable in terms of firmness levels. They typically come with a specific level of firmness based on the model you choose consisting of soft, medium, firm, or medium hybrid. In a split-king size, each partner may select their own desired firmness level. All other one-piece size mattress requires both partners to agree on firmness level- and that level cannot be changed over time.

Number Beds: Number beds are fully adjustable in firmness, allowing partners to change the firmness on each side of the bed using a remote control or smart device. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples with different sleep preferences or those with chronic pain issues whereas your ideal comfort level may change due to the condition. If you have encountered issues with your mattress being too firm or too soft within a couple of years after purchase, you should strongly consider a number bed.

Durability and Longevity:

Both Tempur-Pedic, Sleep Number & Personal Comfort are known for producing high-quality mattresses with long lifespans. However, individual models and care practices can affect durability, so it’s essential to review customer reviews and warranty information. DePaulis added “Personal Comfort is the highest rated number bed in America based on TrustPilot and also provides better warranty coverage than Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic.” Also, research reflected only Personal Comfort utilizes a fully modular design which allows for components to be replaced individually over time thus avoiding replacing the entire mattress due to just one specific issue. All Tempur-Pedic mattress layers are glued together and may not be customized or replaced individually.

Price and Affordability:

Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic mattresses are typically more expensive compared to number beds, with prices varying based on the model and size you choose. However, Tempur-Pedic offers the Cloud Collection for budget minded consumers and the Breeze Collection for those seeking the very newest cool sleep technology. Research further reveals Personal Comfort in fact has lower price points for comparable Sleep Number models. Personal Comfort only partners with existing sleep shoppes and thus avoids additional overhead by maintaining 600+ company owned stores. Personal Comfort beds offer their Classic Series, with original air chamber technology, with much lower price points, making them considerably more affordable for those with tight budget constraints.

Summary & Recommendations:

Ultimately, the “better” choice between a Tempur-Pedic bed and a number bed will depend on your personal preferences, comfort needs, and budget. It is strongly recommended to seek out local experts in the sleep industry, those with stellar online reviews and a minimum of ten years in business. Also, research the local business entity name with the Better Business Bureau to be sure they have BBB Accreditation and have no less than an “A” rating. Then, based on your results, visit local mattress showrooms, try out both options, and consider factors such as comfort, support, adjustability, and temperature regulation before making a final decision.

For those in Florida or Utah you may begin your journey with Relax in Comfort – America’s oldest back care & sleep specialty store. In just ONE visit to ONE location, you can feel both options and make an educated decision. After all, the one third of your life you spend sleeping dramatically impacts the two thirds of our lives we are awake.

About Don DePaulis:

Don DePaulis is an accomplished entrepreneur and business executive, best known as the founder and CEO of Relax in Comfort, a leading company specializing in personalized comfort solutions. With his visionary leadership and passion for enhancing people’s well-being, DePaulis has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry. Recognized for his achievements, DePaulis has received numerous accolades throughout his career to include being a Double Nominee for the 2022 HFA Retailer & Trailblazer of the Year Awards and Who’s Who in America honoree.

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