Flynet Offers Free Latency Support Package for Everyone Considering Mainframe Cloud Migration

Mainframes are famously performant. Those looking to move their mainframe workload to the cloud can now benefit from Flynet's free expert assessment to ensure they avoid the most common latency pitfalls.

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Interest in cloud migration and mainframe modernization has never been so high, with the recent Advanced mainframe report showing 90% of organizations have modernized their mainframe workloads in some way since the start of the pandemic, compared to just 11% in the survey before. This modernization is being driven by two main factors: security and cloud migration. However, this transition is not without risks, and mainframe latency is a major one. Flynet helps companies avoid common pitfalls by offering a free expert assessment.

While full-scale migration may not be realistic, or indeed desirable for the majority of organizations that are running mainframe applications, most are considering migrating at least some of their mainframe workload. When considering a migration, the two things that organizations need to prioritise are the very things that made the mainframe such an attractive option in the first place - security and performance. Mainframes were built to handle high-transaction volumes at speed, hence their prevalence in the finance, retail and public sectors. Migrating to the cloud can often introduce significant and compound latency issues that are frequently overlooked by system owners that purely focus on the migration of the workload to the cloud.

Whilst the cloud undoubtedly has many advantages, it will be hard to claim a migration a success if user productivity and satisfaction takes a hit. The architecture of the entire solution needs to be carefully planned to minimize latency at all points, for example, choosing a specifically engineered, cloud-hosted web-based terminal emulator as an access method is one of many steps an organization can take to reduce potential latency and frequently dropped connections. By contrast, any organization hoping to migrate to the cloud while retaining their traditional thick-client emulator is very likely to introduce performance and reliability issues that will anger users and introduce productivity losses that impact the ROI and efficiency of the migration. 

This is one of many examples of the potential pitfalls with cloud migration - Flynet is currently offering a free Cloud migration access assessment to any mainframe users undertaking or considering their cloud journey. 

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