Flip the Pharmacy to Receive Renewed Sponsorship for National Program from Parata Systems

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Strengthening Commitment to the Future of Community-based Pharmacy

We are extremely grateful for Parata Systems’ ongoing commitment to Flip the Pharmacy.”

— Randy McDonough, Director of the Flip the Pharmacy program

GARNER, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, October 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flip the Pharmacy®, the multi-year pharmacy transformation program impacting thousands of community-based pharmacies, announced that Parata Systems, a leading provider of pharmacy automation, including vial-filling, adherence packaging, and workflow and patient experience solutions, has renewed their national program sponsorship of Flip the Pharmacy. The sponsorship will support the program’s mission of working with pharmacy practice sites to move beyond counting and filling prescriptions, to the ultimate goal of longitudinal and patient-level care processes.

“We are extremely grateful for Parata Systems’ ongoing commitment to Flip the Pharmacy,” said Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA, Director of Practice Transformation for the Flip the Pharmacy program. “Their renewed sponsorship not only helps us provide pharmacies with even more tools and resources they need to elevate patient care while streamlining their operations – but it also reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the evolution of pharmacy practice.”

The Flip the Pharmacy program has over 1,400 community pharmacies that have engaged in practice transformation, which are supported by 541 pharmacy coaches from 74 local Flip the Pharmacy teams.

“A strong community pharmacy supports the health and well-being of patients locally,” said Karen Thomas-Smith, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Parata Systems. “Our continued partnership with Flip the Pharmacy further drives workflow efficiencies – empowering pharmacists to spend time where it matters most: with their patients.”

As part of Flip the Pharmacy, pharmacy teams work to transform their community-based pharmacy practice beyond point-in-time, prescription-level transactional models toward longitudinal, patient-level care processes and value-based models. Practice transformation coaches use Flip the Pharmacy Change Packages to work with the pharmacy teams to implement workflow innovations within key practice transformation domains that emphasize delivery of quality patient care and documentation in an eCare Plan platform. The Change Packages and other educational resources are free and publicly available

to all pharmacies at www.flipthepharmacy.com.

“Parata Systems has been a sponsor since the inception of the Flip the Pharmacy and continue to play a vital role in driving the practice transformation initiative,” said Troy Trygstad, Pharm.D., MBA, Ph.D., executive director of CPESN® USA, which serves as the Coordinating Center for the program. “Their ongoing support is a testament to the shared vision of advancing patient-centered care, shifting pharmacies from prescription counters to healthcare destinations.”

“We are incredibly thankful for Parata Systems’ renewed national sponsorship of Flip the Pharmacy,” added Kelly A. Brock, Pharm.D., executive director of the Community Pharmacy Foundation. “This is a clear endorsement of the program’s success in reshaping community pharmacy practices across the country. With generous support from Parata and other Flip the Pharmacy sponsors, we will continue to scale the program’s impact, enabling more community pharmacies to provide longitudinal care that extends far beyond traditional dispensing and bring about positive, lasting change in healthcare.”

This practice transformation effort would not be possible without the support from Founding Sponsor: Community Pharmacy Foundation; our national program sponsors: AmerisourceBergen, Compliant Pharmacy Alliance, and Parata Systems; our national program partners: NCPA Innovation Center and Parata Systems; our Flip the Pharmacy Technology Solutions Partners; and numerous team sponsors and team partners.

With support from Community Pharmacy Foundation, the Coordinating Center for Flip the Pharmacy has developed Change Packages and a wide array of support materials for four progressions: Hypertension, Opioid Management, Immunizations/COVID-19, and Diabetes/Social Determinants of Health. These resources include best practices and workflow innovations that support practice transformation. All Flip the Pharmacy materials and resources are publicly available to any community pharmacy that is interested in transforming their practice and can be accessed at www.flipthepharmacy.com.

About Flip the Pharmacy®

Flip the Pharmacy® is a multi-year program aiming to transform community-based pharmacy practice beyond filling prescriptions toward an ongoing focus on a patient’s health (or more officially, beyond point-in-time, prescription-level transactional models toward longitudinal and patient-level care processes and value-based models). Using change packages, Flip the Pharmacy coaches work with local pharmacy teams to implement six key transformation domains, that emphasize workflow innovations to facilitate longitudinal patient care. To date, over 1,400 community-based pharmacies have received direct coaching and implementation support. Flip the Pharmacy has been made possible through the generous support of Founding Sponsor Community Pharmacy Foundation and National Program Sponsors: AmerisourceBergen, Compliant Pharmacy Alliance, and Parata Systems. Learn more at www.flipthepharmacy.com.

About Community Pharmacy Foundation

The Community Pharmacy Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing community pharmacy practice and patient care delivery through grant funding and resource sharing. Visit www.communitypharmacyfoundation.org to learn more. Follow them on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

About Parata Systems

Parata provides pharmacy technology solutions to reduce costs, improve health outcomes and enhance the patient experience by offering the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio with medication adherence packaging, high-speed robotic dispensing technologies and pharmacy workflow solutions. Discover how pharmacies across all practice settings use our solutions to stay out in front at www.parata.com.

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