Experts Weigh in on Sustainability in the Travel Industry

Sustainability is a top priority for many consumers - and the travel industry is no exception. Travel experts from Inspiring Vacations share their opinions on the way forward for an eco-friendly travel industry.

MELBOURNE, Australia - December 14, 2022 - (

From guided tours of Alaska to Scandinavia tours, it's no secret that Australians love to travel to faraway places as often as possible. But as sustainability and climate action become a higher priority for most tourists, Aussie travelers are increasingly wanting to know how the travel industry plans to clean up its act and provide environmentally responsible services. Inspiring Vacations, leading provider of travel experiences from Alaska tours to tours to Scandinavia, shares their expert opinion on marketing destinations in a way that keeps sustainability at the forefront.

According to Inspiring Vacations, traveling is an incredible way to see new places, try new cuisines and learn about a new, unfamiliar culture - but, unfortunately, irresponsible traveling can leave a negative environmental impact on a destination that may eventually result in a diminished experience for future travelers.

Inspiring Vacations says things like crowding a destination with tourists, engaging in unsustainable travel practices, and a lack of education and awareness can cause major harm to countries and cities that may not have the resources to counteract the harmful effects - and, unfortunately, these practices are all too ingrained in the travel industry.

However, Inspiring Vacations explains that a major step forward to eradicating these practices is by marketing destinations in a responsible, ethical way. Innovative new technology is providing travel companies with first-party audience data that can help them to manage visitation levels in destinations across the globe, offer sustainable travel activities that are tailored to customers' tastes and encourage dispersal across an entire region, as opposed to concentrated tourism in a specific location.

This cutting-edge data technology will forge a new path for sustainable travel - not only meeting the needs and desires of customers, but also creating a healthier Earth for future generations, while still allowing travelers to explore everything this planet has to offer.

For more information on tours to Alaska, Japan, Australia and everywhere in between, visit the Inspiring Vacations website today.

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