Experts Say Mining Companies in Australia Are Focusing More on Supporting Employee Well-being

A recent study has shown that mining companies are placing a greater emphasis on the well-being of their employees in response to the growing recognition of the importance of mental health in the workplace.

The mining industry, particularly in Western Australia, is a significant source of investment, employment, exports and government revenue. However, according to Techforce, a leading provider of skilled labour solutions to the sector such as chef jobs, it also faces distinct challenges related to remote work and travel, shift work, temporary lodging, exposure to health and safety risks and a predominantly male workforce.        

A collaborative project led by the Centre for Transformative Work Design, based at Curtin's Future of Work Institute (FOWI), has produced a report on employee well-being in the sector. The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (BCEC) prepared the report, which revealed that the mining industry has made strides in prioritising and supporting employee well-being.

Techforce says mining companies have recognised the need to provide support to employees in high-stress roles, such as rigger jobs and mining chef jobs. As the long working hours and isolated living conditions of FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) workers can contribute to mental health challenges, many companies have implemented initiatives aimed at supporting the well-being of their employees, including access to mental health support services, onsite gyms and fitness programs, healthy meal options and opportunities for social interaction.

The industry is also recognising the importance of providing mental health training to their employees, particularly those in leadership positions, says Techforce. By equipping their managers with the skills and knowledge to recognise and address mental health challenges in their teams, companies can promote a culture of support and openness.

By shifting focus to support employee well-being, Techforce says companies will also see a positive impact on their bottom line. With a reduction in absenteeism and turnover, productivity will improve and costs associated with recruitment and training will be reduced.

Techforce is committed to improving the well-being of their employees and will continue to seek out innovative ways to provide support to their team. For those looking for FIFO chef jobs Perth-wide or other mining-related roles, visit   

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Original Source: Experts Say Mining Companies in Australia Are Focusing More on Supporting Employee Well-being
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