Experts Say ‘Circular Manufacturing’ Has the Promise to Reduce Waste by Reusing Parts to Make New Cars

An industrial concept called 'circular manufacturing' aims to build cars using components that can be endlessly reused to make new cars.

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MELBOURNE, Australia - November 18, 2022 - (

According to auto recycling company It Matters To You, which offers cash for cars Melbourne-wide, cars begin to pollute long before they hit the road and continue to pollute long after they are junked. As scientists, environmentalists, policymakers and car manufacturers look at solutions to the vehicular pollution problem, the concept of 'circular manufacturing' aims to break the 'take-make-waste' cycle.

While the idea is still in the conceptual stage, It Matters To You explains that it is part of the European Green Deal, which establishes the groundwork for new regulations for car companies. The central characteristic of the idea is that manufacturers use a regenerative model, finding ways to use materials and goods for much longer, thus creating more than one product lifestyle. 

It Matters To You points out that there are significant challenges to the concept, with no one central problem to address. With no regulations in place yet, many car manufacturing companies are rushing to claim circular superiority, with BMW, Ford, Toyota, Tesla and more making claims on the circular future. For now, the concept seems to only be providing public relations value.

There is hope for the concept in the future, though, says It Matters To You. The idea is not just centered around recycling car parts but also reducing how much energy and material go into making a new car. Some ways industry can address these is by using more wind and solar energy in the manufacturing process or making parts using less or recycled materials.

As modern cars have gotten more complex, It Matters To You says there is a lot of room for improvement at the end of the life of a vehicle. Looking further than recycling parts, the design process needs to include a plan for dismantling, making it easier to sort parts and sources of metal, plastic, rubber and glass. If cars are set up to be more easily recycled, supply chain issues will be reduced as the vehicle becomes its own supply chain.

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Original Source: Experts Say 'Circular Manufacturing' Has the Promise to Reduce Waste by Reusing Parts to Make New Cars
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