ERP Advisors Group Evaluates the ERP Trends of 2022 & Predicts the Future of ERP in 2023

On Thursday, January 5, ERP Advisors Group's ERP Expert to CEOs & CFOs, Shawn Windle, along with The ERP Minute Anchorwoman, Rebekah McCabe, examined market trends and made predictions for ERP in 2023.

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On Thursday, January 5th, The ERP Advisor Podcast hosted Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group Shawn Windle and The ERP Minute Anchorwoman, Rebekah McCabe, to evaluate the 2022 ERP market trends and share educated predictions for the advancement of ERP in 2023. 

Watch the full webinar here.

Mr. Windle began with an evaluation of the technological ERP trends of 2023, highlighting the advancements of cloud ERP, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Mr. Windle clarified, "The next 10 years of ERP are going to make the last 50 look like nothing in comparison, as is confirmed with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning advancements of 2022." Ms. McCabe backed the prediction, citing the significant revenue growth of vendors in 2022, "Vendors saw between 10 and 30% growth year-over-year, and were then taking that profit and investing it back into the development of their solutions." Ms. McCabe further emphasized the commitment of vendors, "Many major vendors are also focusing resources into their services programs to fill talent shortages and encourage easy implementations." In closing, Mr. Windle optimistically states, "There will be big things from the vendors in the new year, as they aim to deliver greater value to customers, which will be even more important during uncertain economic times."

Watch the complete interview here.

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Original Source: ERP Advisors Group Evaluates the ERP Trends of 2022 & Predicts the Future of ERP in 2023
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