Energy Star Group: Cool and Here Local in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

EL PASO, Texas - April 7, 2021 - (

While the pandemic was hitting Southeastern Texas and El Paso, Energy Star Group and its Sales reps were going door to door with precautions and doing Zoom meetings when homeowners preferred to stay away during the Virus Crisis. Many residents requested info on reducing monthly costs during the uncertainty, and Alternative Energy seemed like a cheap solution to many residents' problems.

By reducing monthly costs, while adding more property value than a newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom to their house, local homeowners found out that solar interested them as well. 

The local residents also received coupons valued at over $200 just for listening to the presentation, whether they bought the solar or not, to spend at local supermarkets as they pleased during the economic struggle.

Local families have seen thousands in cost reduction with solar, through federal tax money, relief, and rebates for homeowners, to reduce costs now and when the recovery happens. A 26% tax rebate on their taxes was signed recently by the federal government, sending more money to the homeowners who invested in solar.

Extension of the ITC (Investment Tax Credit for Solar Power) at the current 26% for two more years was just recently signed by the government again. 

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, solar panels made sense for homeowners in Texas and New Mexico, by letting the sun go to work. By purchasing a solar system, home and business owners controlled their energy costs and protected themselves from future rate increases from utility companies. It was not an added cost, and when the installation was paid for by the government, once it was paid off, they never paid for electricity again, the system was theirs to keep, generating electricity by itself.

As an added bonus, Energy Star Group gave away coupon vouchers valued at over $200 to any supermarket, whether residents bought the solar system or not, for free, just for listening to the presentation. At the end of the two-minute presentation by Energy Star, residents either said they were not interested or they would like to receive more info. Either way, the homeowners received the coupon vouchers to keep and spend at any local supermarket. 

Energy Star is located locally here in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

They can be reached at 440-346-3295.

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Original Source: Energy Star Group: Cool and Here Local in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
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