Empath Launches AI-Enabled Opportunity Marketplace: Unlocks Internal Mobility

Empath's AI-enabled Opportunity Marketplace provides employers with the ability to efficiently staff high-demand projects and gigs, while empowering employees to find and secure opportunities for career development.

Empath, Inc. a global leader in skills intelligence, has announced the release of its Opportunity Marketplace. Powered by Empath's AI-based Skills Intelligence platform, the Opportunity Marketplace takes a skills-based approach to enabling internal mobility for employers and employees alike. 

Empath's Opportunity Marketplace complements the company's already robust Skills Intelligence Platform (SIP). It builds on SIP's existing ability to recommend jobs for employees based on skills, focusing on short-term roles that fill critical gaps for employers while providing employees with opportunities to advance their careers. With the Opportunity Marketplace, managers can announce projects and short-term positions, while employees can seamlessly apply through the platform for roles that match their skills.

"Empath's Opportunity Marketplace can jumpstart any company's internal mobility efforts," said former Chairman and CEO of Kellogg's and former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, Co-Founder and CEO of Empath. "With EOM, companies are able to boost employee engagement, increase skills development, and improve operational efficiency and drive organizational growth. The change can be transformational."

About Empath

Empath's suite of AI-enabled products leverages the company's advanced machine learning capabilities and deep skills expertise. Empath offers a range of products to help customers build and maintain future-proof, skills-based organizations, including its Skills Taxonomy Manager (STM), the Empath Proficiency Library (EPL), Skills Inventory Snapshot, and its flagship Skills Intelligence Platform (SIP).

Visit www.empath.net to learn more. 

Contact Information:
Carlos M. Gutierrez
Chief Marketing Officer
[email protected]

Original Source: Empath Launches AI-Enabled Opportunity Marketplace: Unlocks Internal Mobility
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