DataOp follow up Launch & FundRecs with a new investment in Wrky

Co Founders Glen Magee & Paul Cahill

Waystone partner up with DataOp company FundRecs for Marketing

DataOp gollow up their launch – to support Irish Fintechs – in record time with their new Wrky Investment.

My wife Jen is a Co-Founder of Savvi, an international recruiter. She sees first hand the difficulty companies have Attracting, Retaining and Rewarding staff. Wrky is the first solution we have seen.”

— Paul Cahill

DUBLIN, DUBLIN, IRELAND, March 17, 2024 / — DataOp, the venture capital firm of former Waystone Management Team (Derek Delaney, Paul Cahill and Glen Magee) has followed up its launch and FundRecs investment with a significant investment in Wrky the enterprise solution for employee Attraction, Retention and Reward (ARR).

The investment brings investments made in Irish FinTechs to circa €20m and evidences their pledge to bridge the global funding gap evident in the venture capital markets for Irish FinTechs focused on Data Optimisation.

Glen Magee explained that “we have never seen such a stacked team in an early stage Fintech. Brian is a driven CEO and salesforce, Barry Gordon a CTO with a rare grasp of how to present complex data simply and in a usable format and an experienced and successful (read 2 other exits) COO/CFO in Paddy Doyle. “

Sharing his delight at the deal Derek Delaney explained “Wrky exemplify our investment thesis; they are an excellent FinTech solution that Optimise Data presenting not the complexity and genius of their infrastructure, but rather the simplicity and intuitive output. They provide insight and a user has actionable data, result and consequence and can move to action rather than interpretation. This is what a modern Fintech needs to be.”

DataOp are in advance Due Diligence with 3 other companies and early stage exploratory conversations with 9 others. DataOp expect to complete on at least half of these conversations.

ComOp will be announcing a new funding next week.

DataOp and ComOp are advised by Ireland leading M&A lawyer and firm, Diann Cannon of Flynn O’Driscoll on this and all deals.

DataOp (Data Optimisation) is focused on the evolution of data. The transition from data that is static and does not interpret, merely presents; generating more questions. We are looking to back companies that infer outcomes, consequences and present recommendations and answers DataOp as a sister company of ComOP is also focused on doing more with less; operating within a global landscape marked by increasing scarce human resources. These shortages need to be filled by technology and the resources need to be able to operate more efficiently through utilization of smart and intuitive data rather than needing to manipulate it and interpret it. Our investments in this sector are across KYC/AML, financial and portfolio data and employee ARR (Attraction, Retention & Reward) systems.

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