DAMREV Expands Tokenization Services and Launches White-Label Platform to Empower Global Asset Management

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, January 31, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — DAMREV is pleased to announce the significant expansion of its blockchain-based asset tokenization services, alongside the upcoming launch of an innovative white-label platform. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and efficiency, DAMREV is positioning itself to become the largest digital asset marketplace in Africa.

At its core, the expansion includes an array of new assets now available for tokenization, such as gemstones, commodities, and precious metals, leveraging the Stellar blockchain’s high-performance capabilities for enhanced service efficiency and interoperability. This development is in line with DAMREV’s adherence to the ISO 20022 standard, ensuring secure, transparent, and seamless transactions. Additionally, later this year, DAMREV will introduce a state-of-the-art white-label tokenization platform designed to allow businesses across the globe to employ DAMREV’s technology for their own tokenization projects. This move will democratize access to blockchain solutions and spur innovation in the financial sector.

“At DAMREV, we are not just observing the future of asset management – we are actively shaping it,” says DAMREV’s CEO, Duane Herholdt. “Our expanded tokenization services, powered by Stellar’s blockchain, are set to redefine accessibility and efficiency in the global asset market. This is a leap towards democratizing investment opportunities, aligning with our vision of a more inclusive financial world.”

DAMREV stands out in the fintech arena, recently honoured as the Best African Business Tokenization Company of 2023. This recognition underscores DAMREV’s substantial contribution to Africa’s economic progress and its dedication to driving sustainable growth through cutting-edge financial technologies. Presently, DAMREV is embarking on ambitious projects in Africa, including the tokenization of diverse commodities such as real estate, cocoa beans, sugar, and gold.

This venture is particularly evident in their ongoing efforts to tokenize cocoa beans and other significant assets, reflecting DAMREV’s commitment to fortifying African economies. By creating a tokenized framework for these essential commodities, DAMREV is poised to transform their market’s transparency and efficiency, thereby paving new paths for investment and regional economic stability. Such endeavours are a clear representation of DAMREV’s proactive engagement in Africa’s economic expansion, harnessing blockchain technology’s potential to foster growth and affluence across the continent.

For further details on DAMREV’s expanded services, upcoming projects, and their impact on the industry, please visit www.damrev.com.


DAMREV is a leading fintech company at the forefront of tokenizing real-world assets, delivering transformative solutions for global asset management. Collaborating closely with Pronexus, DAMREV harnesses advanced blockchain technology to offer secure, efficient, and scalable services. Our primary objective is to democratize access to investment opportunities, facilitated by our state-of-the-art platform that adheres to ISO 20022 standards, ensuring financial communication and interoperability excellence.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Duane Herholdt, DAMREV has been recognized for its significant contributions to the fintech industry. Duane Herholdt, with his extensive background in software development and blockchain technology, has steered the company to become a leader in digital asset management. His expertise and forward-thinking approach have earned DAMREV accolades such as the Best African Business Tokenization Company of 2023.

DAMREV’s forthcoming white-label tokenization platform is a testament to its innovative spirit, designed to empower businesses worldwide to initiate and manage their own tokenization projects using DAMREV’s advanced technology. This platform will further cement DAMREV’s role as an innovator, offering customizable and adaptable solutions that cater to a wide-ranging client base.

Duane Herholdt
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