Current and Future Business Megatrends Book Published by SAP Executives and SAP PRESS

QUINCY, Mass. - December 20, 2022 - (

SAP PRESS today published the book Business as Unusual with SAP: How Leaders Navigate Industry Megatrends. The book serves as an in-depth look at the current and future state of business, exploring eight major megatrends that have emerged as leading macroeconomic forces during the new decade.

The book was authored by SAP executives Thomas Saueressig (member of the Executive Board) and Peter Maier (President of Industries and Customer Advisory). "What we consider 'business as usual' today once was revolutionary and very un-usual," Saueressig and Maier wrote in the book's preface. "The pace of change has increased dramatically in the last few years as enterprises navigate one shock after another resulting from COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, climate change concerns, and massive digital transformations."

The 307-page book provides the authors' expert opinions regarding the impacts of these shocks based on conversations they've had with dozens of SAP customers (including Shell, the Bank of London, Capgemini, and Zuellig Pharma), executives, and analysts to get unique insight into multiple different industries and what has changed over the years.

From these interviews, the authors build a case around the following current megatrends, introducing representative customers by name and industry:

  • Everything as a Service: Moving from making and selling products to providing product outcomes to customers.
  • Integrated Mobility: Guaranteeing the ability to go places in a convenient, safe, and sustainable manner.
  • New Customer Pathways: Focusing on the entire customer lifecycle to create a "sticky" customer experience.
  • Lifelong Health: Providing a personalized healthcare regimen based on device sensors and lifestyle recommendations.
  • The Future of Capital and Risk: Ensuring safe and progressive innovations in the financial and insurance industries.
  • Sustainable Energy: Proliferating the creation and use of decentralized and renewable energy sources.
  • Circular Economy: Managing the resources of our planet by exploring product design and lifecycle management.
  • Resilient Supply Networks: Combining supply chain transparency and stock with intelligent planning to keep businesses both lean and ready to meet demand.

The book goes into great detail on how each megatrend affects industries of all kinds. Readers can explore each trend in detail, along with the pain points associated with them, and see how SAP solutions are developed with those pain points in mind to provide a better business outcome.

The book is available in print, electronic, and bundled editions and can be purchased via the SAP PRESS website and


SAP PRESS was founded in Bonn, Germany, in 1999 as part of a joint venture between Rheinwerk Publishing and SAP. Today, it is the world's leading publisher on SAP topics, providing comprehensive book and e-book products on SAP topics for beginners and experts; SAP users and consultants; developers, administrators, and IT managers. For more information, please visit

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