CRMI Honors 33 Service Organizations for Delivering ‘World-Class’ Customer Service; 6 Cited for Certification in Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO)

Two Cited for Certification in Providing Employee Centric Work Environment (VoE); Two Cited for NFSB Triple Crown Award Status - CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠

Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI), specialists in driving companies' revenues and profits by implementing Customer Experience (CX) strategies that make CX the most critical component of their DNA (CXDNA), announced that 33 service organizations have qualified to receive the NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award 2022 for superior customer service.

CRMI also recognized six (6) companies for engaging employees to meet the rigorous customer relationship soft skills training requirements needed for the NorthFace ScoreBoard CEMPRO Award 2022. The certified NFSB Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO) award was established in 2010 to provide best-in-class training curricula for organizations who want to certify that their customer-facing groups (CFG) have mastered the skills needed to deliver consistently exceptional customer service. The award criteria requires the entire applicable CFG to receive the training with ninety percent (90%), achieving a minimum test score of eighty percent (80%) within the calendar year. 

CRMI also recognized two (2) companies that have created an employee-centric work environment, earning them the NorthFace ScoreBoard Voice of Employee award 2022. The award criteria is based on an employee survey or third-party ratings (Glassdoor - Indeed - etc.) and requires a minimum 4.0, as rated by their employees within the calendar year. The NFSB Voice of Employee Award was established in 2020 to encourage companies to create an employee-centric work environment, which includes career opportunities - competitive benefits program - competitive salary compensation - training to improve work skills - employee recognition, - diversity/equity/inclusion and a balanced home-work life - that results in providing continuous superior customer experiences.

Lastly, CRMI recognized two (2) companies for the special NorthFace ScoreBoard Triple Crown Award 2022 (established in 2020) for those organizations that qualify for three (3) categories of NFSB Awards within a given calendar year. The NFSB Triple Crown Award tagline "CXDNA Ultimate Ecosystem℠" recognizes organizations that have achieved world-class excellence standards for all interactions with customers - partners - employees.

View a full list of 2022 recipients and learn about CRMI.

For more information on how to qualify for the NorthFace ScoreBoard Triple Crown Award, visit or call (978) 710-3269 and ask for Diane Rivera, [email protected]

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Original Source: CRMI Honors 33 Service Organizations for Delivering 'World-Class' Customer Service; 6 Cited for Certification in Customer Experience Management Professional (CEMPRO)
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