Cheba Hut San Diego-SDSU is Moving to an Epic New Location, Opening Monday, March 6

Cheba Hut San Diego-SDSU is making some big moves with a fresh location. This epic shop will be the largest Cheba Hut in the country. The cannabis-themed restaurant and bar can't wait to light the new joint up and continue to be the neighborhood hangout for curing cottonmouth and the munchies.

Owners Ryan Synder and Jordan Robinson have been with Cheba Hut since 2013, bringing those quintessential Cali vibes to the brand. Both Synder and Robinson first experienced Cheba Hut in Arizona and knew they had to be involved in the greatness somehow. After operating their original shop on El Cajon Boulevard for 10 years, the guys knew it was time for an upgrade. 

Taking the top spot in square footage, this Cheba Hut will be the biggest in the nation, standing at 4,500 square feet on the inside and an awesome 1,300-square-foot covered patio. Behind the register, the shop features a large kitchen area, with visibility for the customers to see all the dank action. There are three magnificent Anchorman-inspired murals that pay homage to San Diego through humor: "don't act like you're not impressed." The shop will have a dedicated arcade game space and live music area, meaning that the events at this shop are going to be epic.

Synder and Robinson explain, "We wanted to give the store a little retro feel to give people a blast from the past. We're excited to blend the old-school Cheba Hut vibes into the new model, which will create a unique and upgraded feel for our customers." 

The San Diego shop owners and their shop crew understand the importance of Cheba Hut's Core Values (The Hustle, Show Respect, Own It, Pay It Forward, Keep It Real). Synder and Robinson state, "The Hustle is the core value that means the most to us. It's an art form. A hustler always pursues progress and works to get things done. Nothing in life is ever given or free. If you want something, the amount of work you put in will reflect it."

The shop, located at 4800 Art Street, will open its doors on Monday, March 6, at 10 a.m. The brand is stoked to continue to bring over 30 signature "toasted" subs, an array of delicious munchie treats, and cottonmouth cures for all ages (Crafted Cocktails for the 21+ homies) to the San Diego area. 

Make sure to grab your buds (pun-intended) and go celebrate the shop and its crew. For more information about opening day and upcoming events, check out @chebahut_sd.

About Cheba Hut: Cheba Hut has been escaping the established and getting "toasted" since 1998. Breaking the mold of mundane fast-casual concepts by becoming the first marijuana-themed sandwich "joint," Cheba Hut is dedicated to providing customers with delicious, memorable sandwich and munchie options in a chill, eclectic environment where genuine people serve made-to-order food. Cheba Hut's fun and authentic dining experience includes a full-service bar and highlights its menu because it's not about getting high: it's about epic food and legendary service. For more information, check us out on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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Marketing Manager
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